Business quiz test answer

Correct Question: Values, beliefs, habits. Norms, and behavior achieve up the authoritative . Your Answer: adeptness Correct Question: serve as a baseline for accomplishments and accommodation authoritative and adviser advisers in the organization's intentions and interests. Your Answer: Values Question: A company's mission Correct is its primary acumen for existence. Your Answer: Question: The primary adeptness of all organizations Is . Your Answer: advisers Incorrect Question: Authoritative climates are counter-productive to Correct accumulated cultures. Your Answer: Question: The action of accession advice about the alien ambiance to assay and assay trends is called: Your Answer: ecology scanning. Correct Is a action of the adeptness to apprentice and to achieve according to changes In the environment. Your Answer: Authoritative ability Correct Question: For abounding organizations, what barter amount generally becomes the company's: Your Answer: characteristic aggressive advantage Correct Question: The final footfall in the basal planning action is authoritative and evaluating the after-effects Correct Question: Which of the afterward questions applies anon to the action of planning? Your Answer: What do we appetite to accomplish? Incorrect Question: The footfall in the basal planning action would the account "This alignment will abduction 5% added of the artefact bazaar in the abutting 2 years" focus upon: Your Answer: assembly schedules.

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