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PLEASE NOTE: MUST BE 100% ORIGINAL WORK, NEVER SOLD BEFORE! PLAGIARISM WILL BE DISPUTED! Please analysis for appropriation afore sending: Project Week 1 For these activity assignments throughout the advance you will charge to advertence the abstracts in the ROI Excel spreadheet. Download it here. In this abstracts set – the ROI abstracts set - for 2 altered majors (Business and Engineering), you are accustomed a sample of the 20 best colleges according to ROI (ROI = Return on Investment) and their ‘School Type’, ‘Cost’, ’30-Year ROI’, and ‘Annual % ROI’.  For anniversary of the 2 majors actualize a pie blueprint application the cavalcade ‘School Type’.  Comment on your results. For anniversary of the 2 majors actualize a abundance administration and histogram application the cavalcade ‘Annual % ROI’.  Group with starting at 6% (0.06), catastrophe at 11% (0.11), and go by 0.5% (0.005).   For the histograms appellation your archive “Histogram Business Major: Annual % ROI” for Business majors and “Histogram Engineering Major: Annual % ROI” for Engineering Majors.  Comment on your results.

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