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Therefore, a cooler aggregation would charge to advance the technology to deliquesce Vitamin DO into a baptize artefact application aliment cast capacity while at the aforementioned time authoritative a artefact that is adorable in both aftertaste and appearance. The Analysis and Development Aggregation of The Anatomic Cooler Accumulation as developed the technology to accomplish these goals. We are now gluttonous accession basic in adjustment to accede our conception development and accompany these artefact formulations to market. Advance Opportunity A $500,000 antecedent advance (available in units of $10,000 each) provides an disinterestedness position in The Anatomic Cooler Group, Inc. This allotment will acquiesce the VBG to complete antecedent development of its artefact line, advance advisory web-site, and awning the acknowledged fees and another costs accompanying to the achievement of the additional annular of allotment for the development of the operating aggregation - Anatomic Foods & Beverages, Inc. Avenue Action Our analysis has apparent that best cooler companies are in the accretion and/or partnering mode. Recently, abounding baby cooler makers accept been purchased by beyond entities such as Coke, Pepsi, and Dry. Pepper/Snapped. Some of the added contempo purchases accommodate Coca-Cola's purchases of Clause's Veterinary and Smarter brands ($4. 1 billion), Fuzz Cooler ($327 million), Gaga Brisk ($92 million), and Jug's del Vale ($456 million). Of added absorption to The Anatomic Cooler Accumulation is the contempo advance of about $5 actor the Dry. Pepper/Snapped Accumulation fabricated eaters absolute DO will be a acceptable fit for any of those organizations and accordingly we can action an adorable avenue plan for our investors. In an contrarily apathetic merger-and-acquisitions market, acknowledged cooler firms are still the darlings of Wall Street accord makers. According to the December 9, 2009 copy of the Wall Street Journal, November was the better ages in over a year for deals involving customer articles and aliment and drinks firms with $12. 54 billion in acquisitions. One of those companies for bargain is Clarifies Corp.. , a New York based fruit-juice and sports-drink maker. Clarifies has assassin Morgan Stanley to conduct an bargain and has entered a additional annular of bidding, said several bodies accustomed with the matter. Closely captivated Clarifies has anniversary balance about $75 actor and is gluttonous seven to eight times earnings, which would put it a sales bulk at $500 actor to $600 million, according to the article. Budget Statement Our acquirement and bulk projections are based on all-embracing industry analysis based on the bulk to accomplish and bazaar a new cooler product. In ciphering revenues, we attending at three articles currently on the market: 1) Wall-Mart's Acacia-based Activity Drink, 2) Why-Drive Activity Drink, and 3) DRANK Relaxation drink. These articles are anticipation to be some of the best avant-garde articles at the time of their introduction. Our acquirement projections are conservative. If we can accomplish aboriginal acceptance into the above retailers like Wall-Mart or Target, we can far beat those acquirement projections. Our antecedent investors will become associates of The Anatomic Cooler Group, Inc - an bookish acreage development organization. Because The Anatomic Cooler Group, Inc will accept few costs and we apprehend to become assisting by Year 2. Best of these profits will be broadcast as assets to our shareholders. Figure 1 . The Anatomic Cooler Group, Inc - 5 Yr Acquirement Projections The Anatomic Cooler Group, Inc will advance an almost 40% pale in Anatomic Foods & Beverages, Inc (FBI). FBI will accept the primary albatross of accomplishment and bazaar articles accountant from The Anatomic Cooler Group, Figure 2. Anatomic Foods & Beverages, Inc - 5 Yr Sales Projections The Anatomic Cooler Group, Inc (The VBG), an Illinois Corporation was accustomed in 2009 with a one bulk purpose - to become the capital supplier of anatomic r added baptize products. The VBG is developing a band of anatomic baptize articles based on the assorted needs of the anatomic baptize consumer. The customer will be able to accept from a assorted yet awful specific artefact alms for their added comestible or hydration needs. Anniversary artefact is optimized for vitamin content, electrolyte content, caloric content, and activity boost. Our business will focus on grass roots efforts as able-bodied as basic alliances, partnerships, and promotional agreements with A-List celebrities to aftermath another altered business angles. Our business archetypal will be breach into three abstracted entities: 1) The Functional Cooler Group, Inc - an bookish acreage alignment amenable for the development and licensing of proprietary added baptize articles and another beverages to be produced and marketed by its accessory operating company, Anatomic Foods & Beverages, Inc. 2) Anatomic Foods & Beverages, Inc - the operating aggregation amenable for the accomplishment of articles developed by The Anatomic Cooler Group, Inc. Anatomic Foods & Beverages, Inc will accept the absolute appropriate to accomplish and bazaar articles developed by The Anatomic Cooler Group, Inc. Functional Foods Beverages will be managed by individuals with aliment and cooler industry experience. Although this alignment will be managed by cooler industry professionals, called associates of the Anatomic Cooler Group, Inc will act as consultants to the organization. 3) Anatomic Cooler Absolute Acreage Holdings, LLC - a absolute acreage captivation aggregation amenable for accepting any acreage and barrio associated with the accomplishment and administration of articles awash by Anatomic Foods & Beverages, Inc. The Anatomic Absolute Acreage Holdings, LLC will seek to locate accessories in areas area they an booty advantage of incentives such as TIFF financing, acreage tax concessions, and abandoned or bare acreage incentives. Figure 3. Proposed Operating Structure 3. Administration Aggregation Our bulk administration aggregation consists of: Parchment has formed in new artefact development in the biologic and diet arenas for both Baxter Healthcare Corporation and the Amoco Corporation (Now BP). Mr.. Parchment has years of acquaintance alive in the accomplish and conception of analogs of Vitamin DO. In addition, he has a 1 5-year clue almanac of success in alive with start-up and ambitious organizations. Mr.. Parchment's ashore in artefact development and diet has been active in developing the altered appearance and formulations of our artefact mix. Edward A. Williams, Corporate Treasurer - JDK, Default University Academy of Law, CPA (Licensed in IL & IN). Mr.. Williams specializes in acknowledged affairs in the afterward convenance areas: Tax Law, Tax Planning, Tax Litigation, Civil Practice, and Federal Taxation. Mr.. Williams has represented several notable audience including the backward Bernie Mac. Marvin Rug, Business Alignment and Administration Consultant - JDK North Carolina Central University Academy of Law, MBA University of Chicago Booth Academy of Business, Mr.. Rug accomplished law for added than 20 years, specializing in the afterward convenance areas: Absolute Acreage Law and Taxation, Business Law & Development, and Acreage Planning. Mr.. Rug, no best actively practicing law, provides consulting casework to business development and absolute acreage advance clients. Christopher McGuire, UP of Business - BAA Business Administration, Barrington University. Mr.. McGuire has all-encompassing Marketing, Accessible Relations and Controlling Assistance acquaintance via Delano PR Worldwide, Merck & Aggregation Pharmaceuticals and Morgan Stanley. His clients' annual includes several Fortune 100 Companies such as: Micro-soft, Sears, Wriggles, KEF, Milliner, Kebob Champaign, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Cub-cadet, and Axe Body Spray. He was active in the capabilities development and promotions, and beheading of artefact initiatives and civic campaigns. Charles Moss, Business and Promotions - BAA Communications, Southern Illinois University, Mr.. Moss has years of acquaintance in the ball and recording industries. Through his organization, Chuck Moss Presents, he has formed with assorted recording artists in all aspects of management, business and promotions. Because his adeptness continued from Los Angles to New York, he has been able to advance a admired arrangement of celebrities in both the music and sports industry. Deterrence Shapes, Business Consultant - MS Marketing/Advertising, Northwestern University Medial Academy of Journalism. Mr.. Shapes is an alone who can anticipate a activity and chase through to completion. His acquaintance at M Mars forth with his Northwestern University Graduate Academy administration set the foundation that gave him the accoutrement to accomplish in marketing, advertising, assortment training and sales. His compassionate of how to booty new articles through altered channels including distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and finally, the end-consumer aground. Michael Vicki, Business Consultant - Pro Football Player, Virginia Tech (College), Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles. In accession to actuality an outstanding football player, Mr.. Vicki has a agog faculty of business and salesmanship. In accession to actuality a partner, Mr.. Vicki has bidding absorption in actuality our aboriginal active celebrity endorser. In addition, Mr.. Vicki has a annual of contacts who accept bidding an absorption in advance in our endeavor. Mr.. Vicki still has abundant admirers and followers. His jersey is still a best agent in the NFG - a acceptable attestation to his business potential. Pamela Williams, Accomplishment Consultant - MS Chemical Engineering, Washington University. Ms. Williams is a activating baton with all-encompassing acquaintance in activity management, action and automated accessories design, and accomplishment start- up. Her ample abstruse adeptness and approved adeptness to apprentice technology bound will accredit us to complete activity milestones at a fast pace. Additionally, Ms. Williams has over 12 years of acquaintance alive in all-around accomplishment at Proctor and Gamble. Larry Wildfowl, Activity Administration - MBA, PM, Keller Graduate Academy of Business. Mr.. Wildfowl has all-encompassing acquaintance in activity management. He is accomplished at alive with business units to actualize complete business strategies, as able-bodied as acknowledging technology strategies. Mr.. Wildfowl formed in the IT departments of the McDonald's Corporation, CAN Financial Services, and the Motorola Corporation afore starting his own IT Consulting Business - Premier Activity Management, Inc. 4. Accession Anatomic Amnion The bottled baptize industry has accomplished astounding advance over the aftermost ten years. Although low bulk tap baptize is readily available, there is still 71 actor bottles of baptize captivated per day. In 2007, bottled baptize sales accomplished $15 billion. What's fueling the appeal for bottled water? Bottled baptize appeal is powered by the bloom and fettle craze. Consumers are actuality told that bubbler bottled baptize is advantageous and they accept responded to the alarm by accretion their burning of bottled baptize on a year over year basis. As the customer becomes alike added bloom conscious, there is an added appeal for added and anatomic waters. These added and anatomic amnion accommodate added capacity such as vitamins and minerals that acquiesce the architect to affirmation bloom allowances accompanying to these waters. Therefore, anatomic amnion accept a greater artefact distinction. Demographically, these added amnion Industry Trends According to cooler industry experts, the cooler industry has been trending appear lighter, lower calorie beverages with an accent on taste, refreshment, and function. Anatomic or added beverages accept apparent astounding advance for the years 2006-2009 area the industry saw sales of added amnion and sports drinks up by 36% and 16% appropriately for the period. Sales advance has been bashful (approximately 3% from Jan 2009 to May 2010) during the accepted recession. However, according to Coca-Cola and Pepsi, sales of the added amnion accept kept all-embracing cooler sales in the black. Figure 4. Cooler Industry Advance Source - Cooler Spectrum, June 23, 2010 Factors for Success of the Artefact According to Michael Belles of the barter advertisement Cooler World (www. Overeagerly. Com), there are some key factors in authoritative a new cooler artefact successful. These factors are: 1) Accomplish artefact agitative for the adolescent consumer, 2) Let the characterization acquaint a acceptable adventure - argue the consumer, 3) Actualize abundant and agitative flavors, and 4) Actualize added bulk and credibility. We took these factors into annual as we advised our antecedent artefact offerings. 5. Artefact Plan Our antecedent artefact band is advised to abode three accordant issues apropos vitamin supplements, obesity, and baptize quality. The three capital artefact qualities are: 1) Fortified with Vitamin DO, 2) Natural, no-calorie accustomed sweeteners, and 1 . Fortified With Vitamin DO Over the aftermost two years, there has been a adventurous of analysis arising apropos the abridgement of Vitamin D in our diets. Abounding physicians accede that the levels of Vitamin D appropriate by accepted U. S. Guidelines are insufficient. The abridgement of Vitamin D in the diet s alpha to accretion ballyhoo by pediatricians and cartilage doctors beyond the country giving acceleration too new "epidemic" - Vitamin D deficiency. The Anatomic Cooler accumulation has advised a band of "Health Waters" that accommodate levels of Vitamin DB. We will architecture our business attack about the apropos for the abridgement of Vitamin D in the diet forth with the bloom allowances of accession Vitamin D in the diet. Because there is not a "one-size-fits-all" advocacy for the bulk of Vitamin D that should be supplemented in the diet, we accept advised altered formulations for targeted groups. This keeps in band with our action of micro-targeted waters. Therefore, in accession to optimizing our formulations for taste, another vitamins, amoroso content, etc, we will additionally optimize for the levels of Vitamin D appropriate for our targeted groups. 2. Siesta - The Natural, No-calorie Aspartame The Anatomic Cooler Accumulation has called an abstract of the Siesta bulb as the primary aspartame in our added baptize products. A contempo commodity in the Wall Street Journal accent Pepsin's and Coke's development of articles application the Siesta bulb (see WAS, July 31, 2008 - Cooler Wars Booty on New Flavor). Misaims 'More, arch controlling of PepsiCo cooler business in the Americas states that - "This is apparently the better change in the conception of beverages back the antecedent canicule of bogus sweeteners. " 3. Certified Biologic Chargeless As affirmation mounts of contaminants in some accessible baptize systems, anxiety about the baptize accumulation is growing. As apprehension technology improves, utilities are award added contaminants in baptize systems. In aboriginal 2008, media letters of trace amounts of pharmaceuticals in baptize beyond the country drew absorption from U. S. Senators and ecology groups, who are now blame for regulations of these substances in eater systems. Bloom apropos extend to bottled amnion according to the Civic Defense Analysis Council. A lot of bottled baptize is absolutely tap water. Consequently, there is no affirmation that what is advancing from the canteen is any safer than what is advancing from the tap, according to their studies. The Anatomic Cooler Accumulation will accredit anniversary lot of baptize to be chargeless of all biologic compounds. These after-effects baptize of the accomplished purity, we will alpha with antiseptic bounce water. If necessary, we will process/polish our augment baptize to a akin of aerial abstention utilizing industry accepted methods. 6. Antecedent Artefact Architecture "... Cooler marketers may be best served - and this is the key point - by classifying articles according to the new evolving charge states that ascertain our consumer. " - Michael Belles "Barrington [School District 202] dairy bind is an archetype of a altercation arena out beyond the country, as educators try to accommodate two concerns: adolescence blubber and bereft calcium intake. Alike some experts accept agitation advancing up with a acceptable answer. - Chicago Tribune, Novo. 19, 2009 Formulations We will codify and canteen our articles application antiseptic Wisconsin bounce water. Our initially proposed articles are: 1) Infant Water, Certified Biologic Chargeless (COP) - This artefact is the aforementioned as any nursery baptize awash on the abundance shelves today. However, anniversary canteen will accommodate a COP characterization advertence that we accept activated the baptize and certified it to be chargeless of any apparent levels of pharmaceuticals. What anxious mother wouldn't accept our artefact over one that has not been certified? ) X-Y-Teen (Young G) Blueprint - The ambition bazaar for this blueprint will be accouchement in grades K-12. This formula, absolute Calcium, Vitamin DB, protein, and accustomed whiteners will be marketed anon to academy nutritionists/dieticians as a acceptable another to milk. According to an commodity in the November 12, 2009 copy of the Chicago Tribune, there is a altercation arena out beyond the country as educators try to accommodate two concerns: adolescence blubber and bereft calcium and Vitamin D intake. According to the article, alike some experts accept agitation advancing up with a acceptable answer. This artefact is the acceptable answer. 3) Women's Blueprint - Advised to supplement comestible requirements of women DB, and another vitamins and minerals important to women's health. In addition, arising analysis suggests the circadian burning of 1,000 II of Vitamin DO is associated with the abutment of breast health. A affirmation we can accomplish in the business of our product. ) General (Active Adult) Blueprint - A blueprint for the masses that accommodate low levels of Vitamin DB, Calcium, and another electrolytes. This blueprint is advised for the customer to alcohol assorted bottles per day, appropriately the lower levels of vitamins and minerals. This blueprint will attempt with the added boilerplate "vitamin enhanced" baptize articles and is targeted to alter the anytime abbreviating carbonated bendable alcohol racket. 5) Extreme Sports Blueprint - This artefact is advised for able athletes and amateurs who participate in ability sports or assorted bouts of acute exercise. The artefact contains Calcium and Vitamin DO for stronger basic as able-bodied as added amounts of electrolytes for added complete hydration. This blueprint is advised for the rigors of able sports and can accept variations for another able sports endorsers. The ambition bazaar consists of able athletes and amateurs who participate in ability sports or assorted bouts of acute exercise. We are signing an NV-7 conception of the Extreme Sports blueprint for Michael Vicki improvement to the NFG. This conception is to be awash in markets area Michael Vicki has a able business and cast acceptance presence. Additionally, we are in discussions with Pierre Thomas of the New Orleans Saints to appear aboard as an endorser. Our approaching artefact offerings may include: 1) Winter Blueprint - This conception will accommodate college levels of vitamin D for the winter months to abode the abridgement of sunlight accessible in winter months. 2) Acacia Berry Blueprint - Acacia berries, begin in the Amazon, are believed to accept mom actual advantageous qualities.

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