Business Plan

The name of my artefact is articles is a "Life Chip".  This will accord accessories the adeptness to articulation into Electronic Medical Record software and will be able to accord a bloom history of the owner.  This will be marketed to aged people, ailing people, and of advance the afraid parent.

So my abstraction is a artefact that bodies backpack on their actuality (bracelet , necklace, appropriate authorization with chip, etc.) that can articulation them to a billow based arrangement that contains a person’s abounding medical history from bearing to present. Since it is a billow based database their annal will be attainable anywhere in the world.  This will acquiesce for EMS, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist,  Hospitals, Urgent Care Clinics, Pharmacies, etc. to accept actual admission to all of the bodies medical records.  They will instantly apperceive allergies, accomplished medical procedures, medications actuality used, and so on.  This will be marketed to everybody, but the primary ambition will be the sickly, elderly, and afraid parent’s.

Business Plan  Project---HYBRID and ON-LINE

Objective: Develop a Business Plan for a artefact that you choose. ( accept that it can be a concrete artefact or a service)—Business called 2/3 by 11:59PM 

The afterward charge be included in your Business plan:

1.-Product description, mission account of your Business, abbreviate appellation and continued appellation goals.-  

2. Situation assay ( analytical the ambiance that you will be aggressive in. ) -

3.-SWOT analysis  (Look central the aggregation for the strengths and weakness, and alfresco in the bazaar for opportunities and threats.) -

3.-Target Bazaar action ( use analysis variables to call the characteristics of your ambition market)--  

4.-Marketing Mix  (4 P’s) -

5.- Success Factors/Metrics ( How do you admeasurement the success or abortion of your Business plan;  this to accommodate an admiration of alpha up costs, breach alike point)- 

6.- avenue strategy- 4/28

7.  presentation –done on Voice Thread

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