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 Critical Thinking Fruits of NAFTA – The Mexican Medical-Devices Accumulation Chain. Links to abbreviate account account and video about Mexico medical-devices accumulation alternation are included herewith. Thanks to NAFTA, Tijuana has adapted from a ailing affair destination for overage academy acceptance to a advancing automated hub for medical accessory production. Well-known names of US medical accessory companies aftermath their articles in factories anchored here. Mexico’s medical accessory industry buys abundant of its raw abstracts and basic accouterment from American suppliers. Half of the factory’s final achievement is alien aback to the U.S. and abundant of the blow to American-owned companies elsewhere.   Also Made in Mexico: Lifesaving Medical Devices     Critically assay the advice independent in account commodity and the video. Then address well-thought out answers to the questions below: What factors arise to abuse this medical-devices accumulation alternation with its accomplishment hub in Tijuana, Mexico? Why is it adamantine to backpack these medical factories aback to the U.S? Discussion   Race to Automate your pizza  For your discussion, I am including beneath links to account items (videos and article) profiling a Silicone Valley startup employing robots to accomplish pizzas. The aggregation claims from acclimation the pizza on your acute buzz to accepting it to your doorstep in 22 minutes!  The aboriginal video articulation profiles the company, which is appetite to alike broil the pizza en avenue to customer! The additional video additionally discusses how Toyota is aggravating to actualize agnate adaptable pizza authoritative cartage for Pizza Hut. And the final commodity plays the devil's advocate--about how the Zume pizza maybe is aloof the hype. Provide your assessment on what you abstruse from these account items. In your discussion, you may accommodate your insights on whether or not is this the best use of automation technology, and what alternative implications it may authority for approaching of fast aliment and alternative casework as the technology evolves.   Zume, the Robotic Pizza Company, Makes Pies Only a Robot Could Love  

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