Business Law Discussion- Use Course Material

Background:  TLG has appointed addition affair with the GC owners to added altercate the risks and liabilities of abomination law.  This affair will focus accurately and alone on austere artefact liability. Winnie and Ralph asked you to participate in the GC affair and to be able to altercate specific austere artefact accountability risks accompanying to GC's use and resale of EPI charwoman products.  Write a arbitrary abode acclamation the afterward questions to use as a base for altercation in the GC affair with TLG and to brainwash GC owners about abeyant risks and liabilities beneath artefact accountability law.  Your abode charge focus alone on austere artefact accountability law. A.  Analyze and explain accurately the accessible liabilities and austere accountability claims (EXCEPT omit assurance liabilities) GC could face beneath austere artefact accountability law for reselling EPI charwoman articles anon to barter from its accessible abode of business.  B.  Discuss in detail and explain how and why GC could face the accessible liabilities articular in A. above. DO NOT altercate the warranties liabilities GC could face as warranties will be addressed in Altercation this week.   Format Instructions: Prepare the arbitrary in a report, addressed to Winnie and Ralph, to be acclimated in altercation with the GC owners. The abode should abode the questions in the Instructions above.  Follow the architecture below.   REPORT TO:              Winnie James, Ralph Anders FROM:         (your name) DATE: RE:              EPI and GC Artefact Liability   A. B. 

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