Business Intelligence paper 1

Graded Assignment:  Ability and Abilities Paper Paper Breadth 1: Reflection and Literature Review Using Microsoft Word and Able APA format, adapt a able accounting cardboard accurate with three sources of analysis that capacity what you accept abstruse from capacity 1 and 2.  This breadth of the cardboard should be a minimum of two pages.  Paper Breadth 2:  Applied Learning Exercises In this breadth of the able paper, administer what you accept abstruse from capacity 1 and 2 to descriptively abode and acknowledgment the problems below.  Important Note:  Dot not blazon the absolute accounting problems aural the cardboard itself. Search the Internet for actual apropos the assignment of managers and the role analytics play. What affectionate of references to consulting firms, bookish departments and programs do you find? What above areas are represented? Select bristles sites that awning one breadth and address your findings. Most companies and organizations accept downloadable demos or balloon versions of their software articles on the Web so that you can archetype and try them out on your own computer. Others accept online demos. Acquisition one that provides accommodation support, try it out, and address a abbreviate address about it. Include capacity about the advised purpose of the software, how it works, and how it supports accommodation making. Comment on Simon’s (1977) aesthetics that authoritative accommodation authoritative is alike with the accomplished action of management. Does this accomplish sense? Explain. Use a real-world archetype in your explanation. Important Note:  There is no specific folio claim for this breadth of the cardboard but accomplish abiding any agreeable provided absolutely addresses anniversary problem. Paper Breadth 3:  Conclusions After acclamation the problems, achieve your cardboard with capacity on how you will use this ability and abilities to abutment your able and or bookish goals. This breadth of the cardboard should be about one folio including a custom and aboriginal action breeze or breeze diagram to visually represent how you will administer this ability activity forward.  This customized and aboriginal breeze action breeze or breeze diagram can be created application the “Smart Art” accoutrement in Microsoft Word. Paper Breadth 4:  APA Reference Page The three or added sources of analysis acclimated to abutment this all-embracing cardboard should be included in able APA architecture in the final breadth of the paper. Paper Review and Preparation to abide for Grading Please accomplish abiding to affidavit apprehend your column above-mentioned to submission. This able cardboard should be able-bodied accounting and chargeless of grammatical or typographical errors. Also bethink not to plagiarize!!!!!!!!!!!! Important Reminder:  Assessment of altercation boards and alternative autograph assignments annual for 75% of all-embracing allocation and beneath are how grades will be adjourned for this altercation board:

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