Business intelligence (BI)

I Started alive on assignment  Please go through absorbed assignment please assignment on the missing ones Describe accurately how the alignment will codify a business achievement plan, as follows:      Conduct a accepted bearings analysis. Determine the planning horizon. Conduct an ecology scan. Identify analytical success factors. Identify the blazon of address you will use and why Complete a gap analysis. Create a cardinal vision. Develop a business strategy. Identify cardinal objectives and goals. Determine how Abstracts Mining works Implement the abstracts mining action aural your organization. Determine why you are application a specific one. Build a address for predictive model Determine if you are application the altered types of ANN architectures/or not Recognize the accomplishing of the Understand the abstraction and conception of the k-nearest acquaintance algorithm (kNN) in your business and specify the reason. How would use the aberration amid argument analytics, argument mining, and abstracts mining

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