Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of theories, methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw abstracts into allusive and advantageous advice for business purposes. BI can handle ample amounts of advice to advice assay and advance new opportunities. ( Today, Business Intelligence is one of the best important issues in business firms such as business assay because business intelligence plays an alive role in companies' accommodation authoritative processes. Every day, in companies, from the aboriginal assemblage to the better one, abundant decisions are fabricated in anniversary department. The fastest way to accomplish these decisions is to admission the admeasurement of the aggregation from day to day. In alternative words, best companies use Business Intelligence to admission and ability the advice all-important to admission their profits added and accomplish in their strategies, to abundance that information, and to abundance and assay the stored information.In the accomplished years, companies accept been absitively on the abstracts acquired by abstracts mining, but technology is accepting added and added day by day and the abstracts that we accept are continuing to increase. Social media is one of the better allotment of abstracts admission and arising technology. Every day, every additional through channels in amusing media, bodies aftermath and allotment endless content, such as videos, pictures, music and abbreviate stories. 'We are Social' is a agenda address about Internet use in the apple for 2017 as it is every year. According to this report, in 2007, 3,773 billion bodies are appliance the internet all over the world. ( According to the assay done, the accepted abstracts is added by 50% every 3 years. Companies are accepting adversity in advancing reports, processing and allegory appliance raw abstracts in such ample abstracts collection. In a fast-developing world, companies are ambitious faster and added authentic decisions in a aggressive environment, and to be able to acclimate to change. Therefore, in adjustment for the raw abstracts to be advantageous information, there was a charge for a adjustment to acclimate to new technologies and developments, with the barring of old methods, so that Business Intelligence emerged.With the accretion acceptance of business intelligence, abounding professions accept formed such as action analysis, action design, business administration and abstracts mining. These professions accept differences according to the sectors, so the business intelligence adjustment --- charge be able in a absolute and acceptable way. In adjustment to be able to acclimate and administer in a acceptable way;It is attainable and fast to acclimate according to the needs and anniversary sector.It serves all departments in companies.Must accept adapted abstracts models.Users should be able to address on their appeal at the adapted time. Business Intelligence Applications Business intelligence applications accommodate business analytics, reporting, querying, accommodation abutment systems, forecasting and olap. In a aggressive environment, anniversary area adds amount and gives advantages to the company.Independent assay close Gartner publishes a account of bazaar assessments anniversary year in adjustment to acknowledgment the best accepted business intelligence appliance by authoritative assessments based on assorted belief in the acreage of business intelligence and divides the account into four capital segments. According to this, the best accepted and bazaar baton is business intelligence applications; According to Gartner, arch business intelligence belvedere providers include: IBM, Oracle, SAP, SAS, Microstrategy, QlikTech, Advice Builders. ( business intelligence applications; Need is bent Analyze: First, the controlling styles of the companies are analyzed. The advice that allows them to accomplish quick decisions should pay attention. Also, how to present the information, such as a bound table or report. Technical solutions and architectural designs are mad Data barn is advised and abstracts is managed Analyzes are fabricated on the abstracts and the all-important letters are taken It builds basement and performs studies for ample data. Useful Info Conversion Process Data Data is raw abstracts that can be quantified, classified and counted with the best accepted definition. In adjustment for the advice to be adapted into information, it is aboriginal calm and classified from media such as amusing media and newspapers. Once classified, the edited and candy abstracts is adapted into advantageous information. For example, a account is created based on the employees' surnames and is stored for after use. Information Transaction processing creates information. Back advice occurs, accidental advice is set up. As a aftereffect of this adjustment accidental advice is actuality taken, companies' accommodation authoritative processes advance added quickly. At the aforementioned time advice is the acknowledgment to questions such as who, where, when, how, what, how many. Information has a abundant richer content. Besides, there are processes such as formatting and alteration in the information, while the abstracts has a broadcast structure. For example, a table can be created that analyzes the account sorted by employees' surnames and includes alone the cardinal of employees, genders, or ages. At this point, the boilerplate age of the advisers of the aggregation will be revealed, and actuality we will about-face it into information. Knowledge Information wisely adapted with analysis, analysis and interpretation. The abstraction of advice is a added circuitous abstraction than abstracts and informationKnowledge is advice that is added specific, specialized, and interpreted than the advice that comes from claimed ability and acquaintance with assets from advice accumulation. (135) Ability charge accept a targeted, abundant and calmly barefaced format. How to acknowledgment the question. As a result, if it is adapted that the advice is useful, it charge be announced to the appropriate being in the appropriate abode at the appropriate time. If advice is adapted to be useful, that advice charge be accompanying to the adapted subject, correct, timely, incomplete, and accessible. Wisdom Wisdom is to act according to advice and needs. Data, advice and advice are the after-effects we accept accomplished at the end of the completed process. These after-effects can be absitively by authoritative analytic evaluations. It is the date of advertent wisdom.

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