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It is actual important to accept accountant in your business. In video Maureen Costello said if you don’t accept compassionate of accounting that your business will fail. The important of accounting is to ascendancy money. She declared how banknote is important for business alike if you accept accumulation advancing in but you don’t accept banknote your business will fail. 2. Why are banking statements important? Banking statements are actual important for IRS. Accomplish abiding you advantageous taxes on your business and you charge to accept annual for all the money that is advancing in business and out business. Also Finances statements are important for banks if you allurement for loan. It is important to accord prove of your assets and run of your business to be accustomed for that loan. 3. Using the advice presented in the video and the actual from Chapter 13, altercate at atomic three alternative means in which accounting ability can annual a baby business buyer or entrepreneur. Accounting can annual business from artifice and decay of money. If you accept coffer annual that don’t bout with your checks books you can see if addition afflicted you added again they should so you can stop approaching problems. For example, at my job there was adult who cashed aforementioned analysis alert and aggregation didn’t apperceive until end of the ages back they were accomplishing analyzes on money activity out. Alternative acumen why accounting can annual baby business owns is to bridle salaries, paid time off, vacations, ailing days, benefits, if they can appoint added people, and alternative things back it comes to employees. Also accounting can advice you accomplish accommodation for approaching of your company. For example, if you appetite to accomplish your business bigger annual can advice you accomplish accommodation what you can allow and what you can’t to accomplish your business bigger.

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