Business homework…….please read…..due tomorrow….BUSINESS LAW

please do the following.......this charge be done by tomorrow 8pm California time...... no backward work!!  This video has advice that will help: Do the following:  For this appointment assay anniversary of the scenarios beneath appliance the IRAC architecture and  submit your appointment as a Word certificate by the due date of Sunday, April 15.  To be acceptable for abounding credibility you charge characterization the altered genitalia of your answers as Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion.  And you charge do this for anniversary of the three scenarios below.  I advance that you anatomy the Issue as a catechism that can be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’.    For example, accept the book declared an adventure that seemed like it ability absorb embezzlement.  The Issue is:    Did John’s accomplishments aggregate abstraction beneath the law?  The Rule footfall would crave you to account the assorted laws that accept to do with embezzlement.  The third footfall of IRAC is Appliance and that is area you accept to administer the assorted rules and laws to your specific scenario.  This assay could accommodate the acknowledgment of alternative cases advised to be acceptable antecedent for your scenario.  Finally, your Conclusion artlessly answers the catechism that you set up in footfall one, and it can be declared as ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  If your assay leads you to actuate that John’s accomplishments did aggregate abstraction based on your assay of the Rules of law and how they chronicle to your situation, again your Conclusion is ‘Yes.’ Label your answers A, B, and C.  Remember, you charge adduce specific laws or acknowledged antecedent to abutment your accommodation in anniversary scenario.  You may advertence any affiliate from our altercation to abutment your reasoning. (providing folio # in the altercation would be helpful).  You may additionally do your own acknowledged analysis on the internet.  The added acknowledged capacity that you provide, the college your account will be.  Good luck. A.   Freedom of Speech Mark Wooden beatific an email to an alderwoman for the City of St. Louis.  Attached was a nineteen-minute audio book that compared her to the biblical appearance Jezebel.  The audio said she was a “bitch in the Sixth Ward,” spending too abundant time with the affluent and able and too little time with the poor.  In a menacing, maniacal tone, Wooden said that he was “dusting off a button attempt gun,” alleged himself a “domestic terrorist,” and referred to the assassination of President John Kennedy, the annihilation of federal adjudicator John Roll, and the cutting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords.  Feeling threatened, the alderwoman alleged the police. Wooden was bedevilled of aggravation beneath a accompaniment bent statute.  Was this confidence actionable beneath the First Amendment?  B. Approximate and Arbitrary Test Michael Manin, an airline pilot, was alert bedevilled of chaotic conduct, a accessory misdemeanor.  To renew his flight acceptance with the National Transportation Assurance Board (NTSB), Manin filed an appliance that asked him about his bent history.  He did not acknowledge his two convictions.  When these came to ablaze added than ten years later, Manin argued that he had not accepted that he was appropriate to address aesthetics for accessory misdemeanors.  The NTSB’s activity was to accede an applicant’s compassionate of what advice a catechism approved afore free whether an acknowledgment was false.  But after explanation, the bureau ancient from this policy, banned to accede Manin’s argument, and revoked his certification.  Was this activity approximate or capricious?  C. Fourth Amendment Three badge officers, including Maria Trevizo, were on convoying in Tuscon, Arizona, abreast a adjacency associated with the Crips gang, back they pulled over a car with abeyant registration.  Each administrator talked to one of the three occupants.  Trevizo batten with Lemon Johnson, who was cutting accouterment constant with Crips membership.  Visible in his anorak abridged was a badge scanner, and he said that he had served time in bastille for burglary.  Trevizo asked him to get out of the car and patted him bottomward “for administrator safety.” She begin a gun.  Johnson was answerable in an Arizona accompaniment cloister with actionable control of a weapon.  What accepted should administer to an officer’s patdown of a commuter during a cartage stop?  Should a chase accreditation be required?  Could a chase advance alone on the base of apparent cause?  Would a reasonable suspicion abbreviate of apparent account be sufficient? 

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