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TWO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS, ONE TO TWO COMPLETE PARAGRAPHS. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE EXTREMELY LONG. NO PLAGIARISM.  DISCUSSION 1:  Using the Internet, analysis acquisitions that are currently underway and accept one of these acquisitions to discuss. Based on the firms' characteristics and adventures and the affidavit cited to abutment the acquisition, do you feel it will aftereffect in added cardinal competitiveness for the accepting firm? Why or why not? Of the problems that affect the success of an acquisition, which one do you accept is the best analytical in the all-around economy? Why? What should firms do to accomplish assertive that they do not acquaintance such a botheration back they use an accretion strategy? DISCUSSION 2:  Chapter 4, "Food," in your arbiter illustrates that there is abundant aliment produced and accessible to augment the absolute apple every day. However, for assorted reasons, millions still go hungry, authoritative aliment security—having constant admission to able comestible food—a assiduous all-around amusing botheration in both developing and developed countries.   Where do best of the world’s athirst live? What are two causes of ache and two problems that result? What are some abeyant after-effects and allowances of application biotechnologies in developing countries? Based on the analysis currently available, should developing countries accompany the use of biotechnologies? Why or why not?

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