Business Correspondence

Report: Preposition (Manila Paper, 1nch font) Portfolio in BCTRW(Old Magazine) 1st Page:A Prayer from my Heart (5 sentences) 2nd Page:Importance of Accord in my Everyday Life •Introduction •Importance •Conclusion(must be affiliated to introduction) Accord a : the acceding of things with one addition b : a accurate affinity c : a affiliation amid sets in which anniversary affiliate of one set is associated with one or added associates of the alternative — analyze action 5a 2 a : advice by letters; additionally : the belletrist exchanged : the news, information, or assessment contributed by a contributor to a bi-weekly or journal Examples of CORRESPONDENCE 1. They announced by blast and correspondence. 2. E-mail accord has become acutely important for avant-garde businesses. 3. The two men began a accord that would abide throughout their lives. 4. A book of the author's claimed accord was appear aboriginal aftermost year. 5. A academic accent is consistently acclimated in business correspondence. . Note the accord of anniversary cardinal to a area on the map. 7. Sometimes there is little accord amid the way a chat is spelled and the way it is arresting in English. 8. Sometimes there are few correspondences amid spelling and pronunciation. Is business accord still capital in this age of computerization? Yes, it is. Business accord is still the arch agency acclimated by a business close to accumulate in blow with its customers. Is business accord still capital in this age of computerization ? Yes, it is. Business accord is still the arch agency acclimated by a business close to accumulate in blow with its customers. What are the attempt of acceptable business letter ? A acceptable business letter should accept bristles qualities : (a) conciseness; (b) clarity; (c) completeness; (d) correctness; and (e) courtesy. What about the accent of a business letter ? Well, aloof abode simply, in an accessible and accustomed way aloof like you allocution with your friends. So, I accept to accomplish my business belletrist complete like a acceptable chat ? That’s right. To abode a business letter is aloof “to authority a conversation” by post. By the way, what are the rules of acceptable autograph ? In fact, there are a lot of rules to be followed if you appetite to abode acceptable letters. But we may abridge them as follows : 1. Think aboriginal of the clairvoyant and abode yourself to his interests. Tell him or her all he or she wants to apperceive and don’t leave him to assumption amid the lines. 2. Adopt a accent ill-fitted to the break and the purpose of the letter 3. Abode naturally, as you would talk, application apparent and accustomed words. 4. Abode acutely and to the point. Don’t exhausted about the bush. Please accumulate in apperception that the best capital point in all business autograph is carefulness bidding in accent that is actually clear. 5. Abode agreeably and accomplish your letter complete affable and sincere. 6. Avoid wordiness. 7. Avoid bartering jargon. 8. Abode effectively. 9. Avoid boredom by introducing variety. 10. Abode to a plan if your letter is continued or distinctively important. 11. Pay appropriate absorption to the aperture and closing paragraphs aboriginal and aftermost impressions leave a appropriate mark on the reader. 12. Check your belletrist afore you accelerate them.

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