Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery BIA Analysis and BCDR Recommendations

 BCDR, RTO, RPO, HIPAA and Computer Science  expertise is REQUIRED.  Generalists charge not respond.  This is NOT an essay. This is assay of a BIA case abstraction for Business Continuity and Disaster accretion with healthcare, government, and HIPAA components. Charge acclaim adapted BCDR strategies for a multi-site bloom allowance alignment with considerations for authoritative and thereby all-embracing authoritative RTOs and RPOs. Some agreeable charge be affected from two absorbed antecedent assignments. This is NOT an essay.  PLEASE apprehend instructions carefully.   There is no defined folio breadth for this task, but it MUST beset all items listed in the instructions, accommodate account for proposed solutions, affidavit for non-selected solutions, and responses to all assay questions including authentic HIPAA references area appropriate.   I appraisal 10 pages including affected sections, but this is not a close claim provided that all of the above items are addressed, and all instructions followed.  APA autograph appearance preferred 

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