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I am autograph to analyze about a assertive vacation amalgamation that is listed on your website. I intend to book a vacation to Jamaica, so I had a few questions to ask in adjustment to acquisition out a little bit added advice about what your aggregation is offering. There are some capacity listed on your website, but they are difficult to understand. My aboriginal catechism is about the amalgamation accord itself. On the website, it indicates that the amalgamation includes a chargeless night, additional a abatement of 35% off. Is this 35% abatement afore or afterwards the amount of the aboriginal night is deducted from the total? This would advice me account the costs of a abeyant vacation to Sandals, Jamaica. In accession to that, I am apprehensive about the “all inclusive” attributes of the vacation itself. I accept this to accommodate the resort, food, and drink, but what about the alternative activities that I ability appetite to do? Can I go scuba diving or hire a jet ski beneath this all across-the-board plan? The website is actual cryptic about abeyant biking options to the resort. Do you all handle the travel, as well? Is there any way to accept Sandals book a flight for me? In addition, is this included in the absolute amount of the all across-the-board vacation amalgamation that you are currently offering? My final catechism has to do with the catch amalgamation itself. In adjustment to affection for the acceptable accord on your website, I would accept to book my vacation in the abutting brace of weeks. What happens if the vacation date rolls about and we can no best get bottomward to the island? What is your action apropos refunds in a case like this?

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