Business Communication

MGMT1201: Business Communication

MGMT1201 © Bow Valley College 2018 1

Assignment 3: Cultural Intelligence Cogitating Essay

Assignment Overview:

The purpose of this appointment is to address a cogitating essay.

Learning Outcomes

Upon acknowledged achievement of this assignment, you will be able to:

• Create digitally-written able communications for readability,

coherence, clarity, conciseness, and tone.

• Demonstrate self-reflection and strengthen intrapersonal skills.

• Explain cultural intelligence in the Canadian workplace.

• Apply assay accoutrement to enhance communication.

Academic Artifice and Plagiarism

Ensure you are acquainted of the College behavior on Bookish Honesty and also

Plagiarism. Bookish artifice and appropriation are taken actual actively at the

College alike if the artifice or appropriation is unintentional. Amuse additionally apperceive that

taking acclaim for appointment you did not accord to as it is additionally advised Academic

Dishonesty and will be reported.


When you abide your assignment, it will go through Turnitin. Turnitin is a web-
based account that checks the appointment adjoin its database of abstracts that

contain alternative learners’ appointment as able-bodied as cyberbanking bookish materials.
It is awful recommended that you use the Turnitin apparatus to accomplish improvements to
your cardboard afore you abide the final version. Be acquainted of the due date for the
assignment. Abide your aboriginal abstract continued afore the borderline and acquiesce yourself time
to accomplish changes. Then, abide your final adaptation by the deadline.
Learners acquisition the Turnitin address advantageous for alteration papers. The address will include
incorrect use of referencing, too abounding quotes, and paraphrases. If the Turnitin
report, for your aboriginal draft, shows a aerial allotment of analogous text, this will give
you an befalling to assay and adapt your appointment for able citations and more
original analysis. Already you accomplish your edits, it is accessible to abide your appointment to
Turnitin again. Turnitin will apperceive not to bout the argument in your additional abstract with text
in your aboriginal draft, and so on. It is appropriate to delay at atomic 24 hours afore you
submit the additional draft.
Faculty acquisition Turnitin advantageous as a apparatus to advise learners able commendation practices and
highlight the charge for added abecedarian originality. Faculty can additionally use Turnitin as a tool
to ascertain accessible instances of appropriation and bookish dishonesty.

MGMT1201: Business Communication

MGMT1201 © Bow Valley College 2018 2
You will be autograph a bristles (5) branch cogitating commodity application your ability of
cultural intelligence and advice to anatomy the axial abstraction of your reflective
Before you activate watch the two videos beneath that that helps to explain how to write
reflectively, what to address about, what to abstain autograph about, the allowances of
reflective writing, and how to address a 5 branch essay.
View the afterward video “Reflective Writing”
View the video “Writing a 5 Branch Essay”
Background Information:
The three concepts of identity: claimed identity, amusing relational character and
communal character appearance our cultural identity. How we collaborate in the abode is
deeply abased on acknowledging our cultural identity, and this is alleged our
cultural intelligence. In the 22nd aeon abode our intelligence caliber (IQ) and
our affecting intelligence (EQ) are acceptable displaced by our cultural intelligence
(CQ). Cultural intelligence can be accepted as the adequacy to chronicle and work
effectively beyond cultures.
Assignment Details:
Compose a cogitating 5-paragraph commodity on the subject:
Explain how your cultural analyze affects your communication
Topic Guidelines:
Using the allegory of the onion declared in the bore how does your cultural
identity (personal, social/relational, and communal) appulse your communication
(verbal, non-verbal, interpersonal, and/or written).
This is not an adventures or the adventure of your family’s history except as it is
relevant to your purpose. This is an critical cogitating essay, not a narrative
essay. However, you should use examples from your own activity adventures to
support your purpose.
This is not a assay essay, but able use of accessory research* can support
your capital ideas. Learners are encouraged to abstain Internet assay as the
only assay tool.
*Secondary assay (desk research) involves acquisition absolute abstracts that has
already been produced. For example, a textbook, article, podcasts, webpage, videos,
and cyberbanking articles.

MGMT1201: Business Communication

MGMT1201 © Bow Valley College 2018 3
The appointment charge accommodated the afterward guidelines:

  1. Must be typed application Microsoft Word. (If you do not accept Microsoft Word, see
    the binder entitled, Abecedarian Resources and Frequently Asked Questions
    (FAQ)>Access Office 365)
  2. Be 750 – 1000 words in breadth (3-4 typed folio not including you appellation folio or
    reference page).
    a. Be typed in 12 point Times New Roman Font.
    b. Use 2.0 (double) band spacing.
  3. Must accept a appellation folio with the name of the assignment, your aboriginal title,
    your name, your ID number, your instructor’s name, and the date you are
    submitting the assignment.
  4. Your accounting appointment charge accommodate the afterward 3 paragraphs:
    • an introduction
    • a body
    • and a conclusion
  5. Proofread for actual spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and English
    language usage.
  6. You charge adduce ALL of your sources application APA formatting (please accredit to Bow
    Valley College’s Learning Resource Services Folio on citations: for further
  7. All submissions charge be run through Turnitin, which is anti-plagiarism
    software acclimated by Bow Valley College (once the adviser enables the
    Turnitin function, all assignments which are submitted through the
    dropbox will automatically be run through the Turnitin program).
  8. Please assay the Bookish Honesty Bore with account to bookish honesty
    and plagiarism. This advice is amid on Brightspace/D2L aural the
    Program pages. (Location: > Select
    your Affairs of Study beneath the branch My Programs > Select the
    Academic Honesty Bore beneath the Content Browser)
  9. You will accept a mark of aught if your appointment is affected or acquired and
    further antidotal activity will be taken in accordance with the academic
    honesty policy.
  10. Your cardboard will be apparent in accordance with the Rubric absorbed to this
    11.Submit your appointment in Word certificate architecture (docx) to the
    Brightspace/D2L dropbox provided.

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