Business Case 7

Dave is a disciplinarian for Empire Courier Service. Around the company, Dave is accepted as array of a hothead. During his antecedent application at addition company, Dave had been complex in a abode fistfight with a adolescent employee, consistent in bent charges.  One day, amid deliveries and in a aggregation vehicle, Dave decides to get lunch. While abrogation the parking lot at Big Burrito Bistro, the admired cafeteria atom for best Empire Courier employees, Dave abominably causes a car blow with addition vehicle, consistent in injuries to Victor, the disciplinarian of the alternative car. As Dave and Victor are cat-and-mouse on the ancillary of the alley for the badge to arrive, Victor comments to Dave, "Oh, you drive for Empire Courier Service. It doesn't abruptness me that Empire hires bad drivers because their account stinks, and their prices are too high!" Dave is so affronted that Victor would insult his employer's able acceptability that he punches Victor in the face, causing Victor to ache alike added injuries. Empire Courier Account does not, as a amount of policy, do bent accomplishments checks on its employees.  Considering the acknowledged attempt discussed in Chapter 20, explain who is accountable for Dave's apathy for causing the car accident, and explain who is accountable for Dave's advised abomination for punching Victor. Provide your answers in a case assay of a minimum of 600 words. Cite any absolute quotes or paraphrased actual from alfresco sources. Use APA format. 

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