Business and Society Assignment

   I. Read the afterward case: “Alex Smith is advancing a sales presentation for his company, Phones4Kids, which articles and sells corpuscle phones that are accurately advised for children. Phones4Kids employs several hundred workers in Mooray, Missouri, a baby boondocks with alone two alternative ample administration in accession to Phones4Kids. Alex hopes to advertise specialty phones for boys and girls age-old 6-10 to a banker in Hooptown, Missouri. This auction would represent about 25% of the projected acquirement for the accepted year for Phones4Kids. The phones are not accurately advised for internet access; however, about eight percent of the time the phones can aces up a wireless internet affiliation and the user can admission the internet. There is a 48% adventitious that already a adolescent connects to the internet application one of these specialty phones, he or she could admission a pornographic site. Derrick Vance, Alex’s boss, has promised Alex a agency in accession to his approved bacon if he makes the auction to the retailer. However, if he tells the banker about the abeyant to admission chicanery via the corpuscle phone, the banker may buy the phones from a adversary that sells phones after internet access. Alex has advised the accumulated activity for Phones4Kids and can acquisition no specific advice on how to handle this situation. However, the activity does announce that sales assembly are to be honest and fair in their affairs with customers.” 2. Complete the afterward 2 tasks: A. Analyze how you would boldness the bind application (1) utilitarianism, (2) the assumption of rights, (3) the assumption of justice, (4) advantage belief and (5) the Golden Rule. B. Determine how Alex should handle this bearings in a accounting memo. Please use the afterward ethical controlling process, which builds on the activity provided by the argument but incorporates an bread-and-butter and acknowledged assay of proposed courses of action: Step 1: State the Problem / Analyze the Problem Step 2: Identify All Courses of Activity that You Could Take Step 3: Evaluate Each Advance of Action a. Would the proposed advance of activity accommodated the firm’s bread-and-butter responsibilities? b. Would the proposed advance of activity accommodated the firm’s acknowledged responsibilities? c. Would the proposed advance of activity accommodated the firm’s ethical responsibilities? 1) Note the ethical attempt / tests active by top management. 2) Note the ethical attempt / tests appropriate by the cipher of conduct. Step 4: Evaluate New Alternative (Repeat Step 3) Step 5: Implement Chosen Advance of Action

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