Business And Information Technology

  Stage 4 Assignment This appointment is congenital on the antecedent 3 assignments and I accept absorbed all advice appropriate to complete this assignment. I accept absorbed the “Stage 3 Assignment”, YOU WILL BE ADDING TO THIS DOCUMENT not creating a new one.   Assignment instructions are absorbed in the “Stage 4 Business Analysis and Systems Recommendations” attachment. The areas accent in RED accept been completed. The areas in accent in chicken is what needs to be completed. Additionally absorbed in the “EZ-ATS Brochure” that is allotment of the assignment. I accept absorbed the “Maryland Technology Consultants Case Study” that is additionally charge for the assignment. Finally, I accept absorbed the “week 7 reading, implementing a SaaS Solution”. Requirements Assignment needs to be completed by Saturday March 9 at 1600 EST. Assignment needs to be accounting to accomplish the allocation explanation included in the appointment attachment.  The appointment charge be appropriation fee, it will be run through software for detection.  You charge be will to accomplish any corrections aural 4 hours of me bringing it to the writers attention.  The appointment charge chase the architecture blueprint in the absorbed appointment instructions. 

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