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   Please agenda that the Critical Cerebration Activity (CTP) is not meant to be a cardinal crunching exercise.  Apprehend the case abstraction and pretend that you are the administrator or a assay adviser and charge accredit duties to bodies to break the problems that the aggregation is facing.  What would you accept others do?  What quantitative accoutrement would you accredit bodies to use to advice in authoritative decisions and why?  Be creative.  How would you advance the quantitative accoutrement that you accept abstruse in the chic to advice this company? The appointment is based on the Case: Activity Portfolio Administration at XYZ Pharma that was developed at London School of Economics. The case describes the R&D activity alternative and prioritization botheration at a above biologic company, a alternate affair of cardinal accent to the company. Acceptance will not be asked to conduct an absolute quantitative assay but to alpha cerebration about how they would anatomy the project, which quantitative accoutrement they ability use and which advice to collect. 8-10 accelerate presentation should be sufficient.   Students will appointment on this appointment individually. They will be asked to apprehend the case and again acknowledgment the afterward questions. We do not ask the acceptance to absolutely conduct a quantitative assay but we ask them to codify the botheration in the ambience a quantitative analysis. Students do not accept to chase these guidelines. They are alone suggestions. The guidelines listed actuality are alone to advice get you started with ideas. Part 1 – Framing the Activity Portfolio Administration Problem Develop a accommodation framework for activity portfolio administration at XYZ: What are the objectives? What are the constraints? What are the risks involved? What are your alternatives? What advice is adapted for activity portfolio administration at XYZ and how can it be collected? Part 2 – Activity Valuation Before cerebration about adapted portfolio or analytic decisions, the amount of anniversary activity in the portfolio needs to be determined. How would you actuate the amount of the afterward activity (‘Project 1’) in XYZ’s portfolio, a activity in the pre-clinical phase, allotment of the Oncology ameliorative area? What added advice would you collect? Which quantitative tool(s) ability advice you in free the amount of the project? Part 3 – Activity Risk When implementing activity 1, you face abstruse and bazaar risk. How would you appraise the risks anchored in Activity 1? What added advice would you collect? Which quantitative tool(s) ability advice you in free the activity risk? Part 4 – Activity Portfolio Decisions Suppose that abutting year’s R&D account for the oncology breadth has been bargain to $50 million. How would you adjudge which projects to continue, and which to put on hold? What added advice would you collect? Which quantitative tool(s) ability advice you in free the best portfolio? 2

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