business analytics

   To complete this allotment of this assignment, analyze the means in which analytic leaders in retail industry are authoritative use of analytics. Consider the types of means that they accept prioritized the use of analytics. Then, analysis 2-3 organizations that are arch the use of analytics in a acreage alternative than retail industry(for example: online aircraft industry or grocery industry). Answer the two questions below. 1. What do you apprentice from alternative companies in retail industry? What can you acclimate from alternative industries(for example: online aircraft industry or grocery industry) that use added abstracts for greater impact? (20 pts) 2.    You are actuality bombarded by issues and questions. You are alone a aggregation of one. You charge analyze the bearings for the CEO. You accept the accommodation to focus on alone one of the three actual areas, i.e., business (customer preference), acknowledged (litigate or achieve apparent suit), or HR (succession planning for chief roles). Where would you focus? Justify your best based on business impact. Be abiding to adduce references for your best of industry, abstracts sources and use of analytics. (25 pts)

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