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Instructions: Congratulations. You are a finalist in for a abstracts analyst position for a Major League Baseball (MLB) team. As you adapt for the final annular of interviews, you've been asked to use the aloft abstracts set to actualize a alternation of analytics / dashboards to advice appearance how able-bodied the aggregation is accomplishing in two important KPIs: home-game appearance and salaries.  Within the MLB, the San Francisco Giants are in the: League = National League Division = West (W) Division  The advised admirers for this dashboard is the Director of Analytics.   Limitations: Clearly this activity is bound in agreement of ambit of data. In the absolute apple ambience there would be admission sales, chump demographic information, television viewership ratings, amusing media mentions / hits, and a accomplished host of added abstracts to agitate through. But (realistically) like any project, it's acceptable to alpha with a allotment of the addle at a time, and in sequence. So accede this an antecedent footfall in what could be a abundant beyond project.   Two files are bare for this submission: Your Power BI dashboard book and the answers to the questions beneath (in a Word document).   Broadly speaking this project's acquirements outcomes include: Assigning KPIs Trend assay Comparative assay Creating columns and measures Creating relationships amid assorted abstracts sources Creating the best decision to appropriately appearance the abstracts Hint: Use the TeamsMostRecent table as your centralized table that all others are accompanying to (connected with). But alone affix Salaries to Team_Statistics and Team_Statistics to TeamsMostRecent as you don't appetite to accept accidental relationships that will account a annular argumentation in your design. Hint2: you will charge to actualize a new cavalcade to accompany the Salaries and Team_statistics tables together. What 2 (or added fields) actualize a different identifier for anniversary alone row that exists in both of these tables? You will charge to use this acreage to accompany these tables together.  Analytics portion: 1.Get a faculty of the abstracts to start. Actualize a cast that has every brawl club, anniversary year (2006-2014) and absolute amateur played. This will acquiesce you to see if there are any cogent gaps in the data. Are there? Explain. 2.a. Choose the best adapted decision to appearance the absolute appearance for the team from 2006 - 2014. What's their trend? b. Choose the best adapted decision to appearance the absolute appearance for anniversary year and anniversary club in their division appearance for 2006 - 2014. What is the trend for the team?  Which aggregation came abutting to before them in appearance and in what year? c. Choose the best adapted decision to appearance how the team's attendance average (combined for all years, 06-14) compares with the appearance boilerplate of all alternative teams in the League. Array by boilerplate appearance in bottomward adjustment (Most to Least). How are they ranked? Overall is their appearance numbers advised "good" or "bad"?  How do you know?  3.Plot all amphitheater addresses on a map. Include the club names in the legend. Include in the artifice the boilerplate appearance (for the admeasurement of the circles). How does the aggregation analyze with alternative clubs in the region? Amid the visualizations you created in problems 2 and 3, which do you anticipate best tells the "attendance" adventure and why? 4.a.Show the absolute bacon for every brawl club in 2013. (2014 bacon advice is abridged for some clubs.) Who are the top 5 brawl clubs that accept the accomplished salary? Who has the least? Area does the aggregation abide in the bacon "rankings"? Highlight area they rank. b. Appearance what the Aggregation bacon has been like for the aftermost 5 years. What is the trend? c. Again for 2013, appearance the cardinal of wins per brawl club, highlight area the Team ranks. Actualize a admeasurement that calculates Salaries by Wins to admeasurement how abundant anniversary win "costs" based on the amateur bacon (total bacon / absolute wins). Area does the aggregation rank? Call your findings.  5.a.Select the best decision blazon to appearance the boilerplate bacon per amateur by every brawl club in 2013. Which club has the accomplished boilerplate salary? The Lowest? Area does the aggregation sit? b. Actualize a slicer by brawl club name and actualize an added decision that lists out all brawl players and absolute salary. Filter on the team. And array by bacon in bottomward adjustment (highest to lowest). Who were the top 5 players by bacon in 2013? What was the best accepted bulk (mode) paid to the players?  6.Create your own decision actuality that does not echo one of the aloft questions. And call what you are showing, the catechism actuality addressed and the after-effects of the analysis.

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