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Students: 1: Michiel Witting 2: Frederic Küpers 3: Cas Schoonderwoerd 1. List the challenges adverse Kongstrup afterwards the collapse of the accord with MB. How could they accept able bigger for the break-up? All administration and sales activities were in complete charcoal afterwards the cancellation. They should be complex atom the administration and sales activities while they had a arrangement with MB and not let MB do all the work. Again it wasn't all broke because they apperceive what to do with the administration and sales activities. The anatomic anatomy was not efficient. There were several ecology changes what is one of the weaknesses of the anatomic structure. They should accept noticed the aperture with MB and apperceive with that there would appear ecology changes so they could alpha beforehand with alteration their production. Additionally they had a absolute added artefact range, that is not acceptable for a anatomic structure. There was no adapted authoritative structure. When they say they accept a anatomic anatomy they should accept one or a few products, but they had a advanced ambit of products. So they should apply on bearing one product, or go from anatomic anatomy to bounded structure. The actuality that the aggregation did not accept abundant acquaintance in administration crises was a austere botheration for Kongstrup. This wasn't absolutely their fold, but the administration could accept apprehend article about it and apperceive a little bit what to do. They had to change some key decisions as soons as they were implemented. Never advised which action to use in its chump relations. They had to accede it way earlier, afore the cooperation they additionally awash to barter so they should accept acquaintance with barter and apperceive article about the action to face them. The cessation is that they should be bigger able for the break-up, because they already knew that there was a accessible break-up. And they had to accomplish one bright authoritative anatomy and not a few altered structures. 2.It is abnormal in abounding organizations for top administration to acquiesce advisers cogent ascribe into their strategy, as Kongstrup did. What are the advantages and disadvantages of an accessible access to decision-making? Advantages:There is a added than one assessment about whether a accommodation would be acknowledged or not. If an alignment gets ashore like the Kongstrup Machine’s administration did, the alone way to go is the aisle to connected development of the alignment and again you are advantageous to accept advisers that cartel to attending at the aggregation in new, avant-garde ways. The best way to let advisers allotment their assessment about the aggregation would be a DSS, a accommodation abutment system. As far as advantages go I would say, that an accessible access to accommodation authoritative could aftereffect in college abundance and beneath conflicts amid departments. Disadvantages:When all advisers are complex by the controlling again there are abounding altered thoughts about it. The bodies can get in agitation with anniversary alternative as you see at Kongstrup’s the bodies don’t like Palme because he consistently has alternative opinions. Additionally it will booty a lot of time afore they fabricated a decision. There has to be a affair with all advisers and that takes a lot of time and it’s appealing difficult. So I anticipate it's bigger to use an accessible access in this case, because the advisers can appear up with new account to advice the aggregation out of trouble. 3. Describe the ecology ambiguity for Kongstrup. How should they collaborate with and ascendancy their alien environment? It all starts with accustomed out the artefact development, because no accepted development approach could be planned. Again the bazaar of combines beneath and led to ample assembly overcapacity. The accomplished argument is abounding of examples like this that prove that there was a big ambiguity for the company’s alien environment. The best archetype would be the cooperation amid Konstrup and MB. Regarding the alien ambiance of the bearing side, they should be beneath dependent, because if MB would accept collapsed away, again they would accept absent 85% of their income. 1. Beneath abased (at atomic beneath ability dependent) 2. Added accomplished workers (especially for management) 3. Added forecasting and planning (to anticipate a additional loss, such as in 1990) 4. Watch the antagonism beyond the oceans (to anticipate big surprises that can action back affective to a all-embracing strategy) 4. Accomplish a new authoritative anatomy for Kongstrup, based on their accepted bearings and that builds added on their strengths while it prepares them for all-embracing expansion. The new structure, which Kongstrup should acquaint to accomplish all the goals they set themselves while absorption on their strengths is an all-embracing analysis structure. The acumen for this actuality the best anatomy for Kongstrup is the actuality that they are acceptable at what they aftermath but charge to advance on their abilities in sales and distribution. Kongstrup should bisect amid calm and all-embracing activities; appropriately creating a abstracted all-embracing analysis would be the best footfall to booty at this moment. But the all-embracing articles should not be altered from the originally produced articles in their capital branch in Hillerstorp. Kongstrup is already acceptable at bearing combines, so the administration aggregation can put added accomplishment into hiring or training advisers to become added able back it comes to sales and distribution. For anniversary country Kongstrup wants to be alive in, there should be sales professionals accomplished appropriately to the mentality of the breadth they are operating in, because bodies behave altered in altered cultures. Kongstrup needs a accepted baton for every breadth they accomplish in. This baton should ascendancy all the activities activity on in his breadth and every agent of this breadth has to address to him, for archetype the sales persons. These accepted leaders should all address to one person, the All-embracing Director, amid in Hillerstorp, who letters to the CEO. By application the anatomy mentioned above they can accumulate their focus on their strength, bearing connected combines in factories all over the world, while they advance on their abilities in administration and sales.

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