The aggregation wants to actuate the ideal cardinal of basketballs and  footballs to accomplish that will aerate the facility’s net accumulation  after taxes. Management Report Prepare a accounting administration abode that includes, at a minimum, the afterward sections: Purpose of the Report Description of the Problem Methodology (which would accommodate the archetypal formulation) Findings or Results Recommendations or Conclusions Be abiding to abode all accordant points, altercate any  assumptions you are making, and highlight the afterward items in your  report: A advocacy for the cardinal of basketballs and  footballs to accomplish that maximizes net accumulation afterwards taxes accustomed the  existing constraints. A altercation of which constraints are bounden and the bulk of baggy or surplus in the actual constraints. A account of recommendations as to what accomplishments the aggregation  may booty in the approaching to access profitability, and how abundant added  profit the aggregation ability apprehend if the activity is taken.  Agenda that these  values can be acclimated by the aggregation to actuate whether the accepted  gain in net accumulation will account any basic advance appropriate to  implement your recommendations. Remember that you are autograph the abode from the point  of appearance of a adviser with chief administration of ABCD, Ltd. as the  intended audience. Hints You charge to assume, or guess, an antecedent cardinal of  production units for anniversary artefact and advance with application Excel to  calculate your Net Acquirement for manufacturing. It is ideal to set up a  separate area on your spreadsheet that presents the advice to be  used in the analysis. This advice should be organized beneath the  headings “Changing Cells,” “Constants,” “Calculations,” and “Income  Statement.” Once your spreadsheet archetypal is designed, you can  proceed  with ambience Excel SOLVER to backpack the calculation.  Excel SOLVER is an  add-in for MS Excel that can be acclimated for access and alternative beeline  programming models. Appendix 7.1 on folio of 298 of your arbiter  provides an overview of how to codify a archetypal and use Solver to  extract the appropriate information. Please additionally agenda that your tax will be activated to your Net  profit [TR – TC], and if your absolute amount [TC] is greater than your  total acquirement [TR], you will accept a accident that will be exempted from tax.  So, in artful your Tax you charge to use an “IF Statement”, i.e., IF  (profit <=0, again put Tax=0, contrarily account Tax).

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