Combined Assignment 1: Business Accounting, Business Analysis and Principles of marketing. Project Description: Task 1: For a called organization, analyze primary and accessory sources of abstracts apropos costing, appraisement and advance controlling techniques. Use business presentation accoutrement to assemble a presentation to acquaint your data, after-effects and abstracts to an adapted audience.  - Choose and plan adapted analysis methods, sampling techniques and questionnaires and aggregate data; - Explain how adapted accounting techniques abutment able decision-making, including appraisement and advance decisions. In so doing, you should explain budgets, calculations of assemblage cost, called advance appraisement techniques and analyze the sources of accounts accessible to a business. Task 2: For your called organization, use banking and administration accounting techniques to explain, almanac and adapt banking data, banking account and presentation of budgets. Your acknowledgment should feature: - allegory of altered types of banking account and their account for different types of business. - Explanation and appliance of administration accounting techniques to allocate and account costs; to adapt budgets for your called organization. In your response, you should: - allocate altered types of cost. - use altered costing methods for bout calculations. - baddest appropriate budget methods for alertness of a budget. Task 3: For a called organization: - Explain the elements of the business abstraction and processes and their affiliation to the costs and allowances of its business orientation. - Propose segmentation, targeting and accession belief for its articles and/or casework in acknowledgment to absolute business problems/issues.{For example: how would 2 above retail organizations such as Tesco or Marks and Spencer acknowledge to their problems?} - Differentiate amid the business mix and the continued business mix, and explain the role of the business mix in comestible aggressive advantage.

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