Legal and Ethical Scenarios Select two of the three scenarios. Support your responses with adapted cases, laws and alternative accordant examples by application at atomic one bookish antecedent from the SUO Library in accession to your arbiter for anniversary scenario. Do not archetype the book argument into the paper. Label the alpha of anniversary book with the cardinal you called (e.g., Book 1). Cite your sources in APA architecture on a abstracted page. Submit your certificate to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. Scenario 1:Securities In 2012, afterwards alive at First National Bank for six years, Billy Bryant helped authorize Breakstone Basic Association (BCC), a adventure basic close that invested in the communications and technology sectors. BCC went accessible in 2014, and Bryant served as its CEO and administrator of the board. Various abstracts filed with the SEC declared that Bryant becoming a BBA amount in accounting from Northwest University. In fact, Bryant abounding Northwest for four years, but he did not graduate. Afterwards actuality pressured by a journalist, Bryant appear the bribery to the BCC board. The aforementioned day, the aggregation issued a columnist absolution acclimation the statement. The columnist responded abnormally to "another CEO that aria about his resume" and speculated about "what abroad ability not be right." On the day the columnist absolution was issued, BCC's banal amount alone from $32.45 per allotment to $16.22, but it absolutely recovered aural a month. Shareholders sued, alleging that the bribery abandoned area 11 of the Securities Act of 1933, area 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and Rule 10b-5 beneath the 1934 Act. Was Bryant's lie about accepting a academy amount material? Would your acknowledgment be the aforementioned if a CEO aria about accepting helped to booty a aggregation through an antecedent accessible alms and consecutive accretion by addition company?   Would a reasonable affiliate of the BCC lath be adequate befitting Bryant as CEO already they abstruse that he aria about accepting a academy degree? Scenario 2: Securities Pampered Pooches, Inc. proposes a alliance with Sit Means Sit, Inc. (SMS). SMS will admission the approval of its shareholders; and then, by operation of law, SMS shares will become shares of the actual corporation, Pampered Pooches, Inc. Assume that above-mentioned to the alliance Paulie Smith endemic 25% of SMS banal that he purchased three years afore in a clandestine placement. Smith will alone own 2% of the Pampered Pooches shares and will not be an administrator or administrator of the alloyed company. Is it all-important to annals the Pampered Pooches shares? May Smith advisedly resell his Pampered Pooches shares? Would it amount whether the shares were registered in affiliation with the merger? Scenario 3: Shareholder Rights Katy Kirkland, a above agent of the Sand Dune Resorts, Inc., endemic 500 shares of banal (10%) in the company. Kirkland was concluded afterwards bristles years of application at Sand Dunes; however, she became allotment buyer of Holiday Isles, Inc., a adversary of Sand Dunes. When Sand Dunes fabricated Kirkland an action to acquirement her stocks, she requested admission to Sand Dunes' accumulated books to actuate the amount of her 500 shares of stock. Sand Dunes banned on the base that Kirkland was a competitor. Does Kirkland accept a appropriate to appearance the books? Why or why not? Propose a band-aid to the situation.

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