Bus Reservation System

Republic of the Philippines Batangas State University Governor Pablo Borbon, Main Campus II College of Engineering, Architecture, Fine Arts and Computing Sciences PASSENGER RESERVATON SYSTEM Presented by: Atienza, Zarah Jane C. Caringal, Clariza Jane R. Castor, Chiara R. Fondevilla, Rolan A. Mendoza, Ana Marie P. BSIT- 3102 Presented to: Ms. Amy U. Aclan nstrctor Executive Summary The ABC Bus Corporation has approached a new way in reserving their all-around their commuter by creating a computerize bus catch systems that aims to accommodate user accomplished services. Bus catch arrangement deals with aliment of annal of capacity of anniversary commuter who had aloof a bench for a adventure for assorted places in Bangalore. The said bus catch aggregation has 60 routes operating from Bangalore amid those are the approved or ordinary, semi-luxury and super-deluxe buses. These systems should accommodate advice about its commuter like date of reservation, their destination, and cardinal of seats and abandoning of their reservation. The arrangement should accommodated the requirements of the business to accomplish it alternate and user friendly. Our activity is to computerize traveling aggregation to administer data, so that all the affairs become fast and abate any possibly absurdity in transaction like adding mistake, bill bearing and alternative things. It replaces all the cardboard work. It keeps annal of all bills also, giving to ensure 100% acknowledged accomplishing of the computerized Bus catch system. It additionally shows letters of the transaction done by the aggregation to adviser their circadian operation. Objective/s Main Objective: To advance an able and anatomic commuter catch system. Specific Objectives: a. To almanac abstracts of assorted routes basal from Bangalore b. To verify that the absolute ambit travelled by anniversary commuter does not exceeded 3000km. c. To accommodate a adeptness for cancellation. Analysis Traveling is a ample growing business in or country. Bus catch arrangement deals with aliment of annal of capacity of anniversary commuter who had aloof a bench for a journey. It additionally includes aliment of advice like agenda and capacity of anniversary bus. We empiric the alive of the Bus catch arrangement and afterwards activity through it, we get to apperceive that there are abounding operations, which they accept to do manually. It takes a lot of time and causes abounding errors. Due to this, sometimes a lot of problems action and they were adverse abounding disputes with customers. To break the aloft problem, and added advancement annal of items, bench availability for customers, bulk of per seat, bill bearing and alternative things, we are alms this angle of catch system. Our catch arrangement has two modules. First bore helps him to assets a ticket. Application additional bore he can abolish a aloof ticket. Requirements Definition Anatomic Requirements a. Should be able to actualize a new login for accessing the catch facility. . See accepted anxiety on altered buses forth with the details. c. The arrangement should automatically appearance bulk of money needs to be pay for called seats. Non- Anatomic Requirements a. The ambassador shall usually do annihilation on the arrangement in all forms. Ambassador is amenable for afterlight and aliment of the systems agreeable such as adding/ removing advice about the system. b. Barter are bodies who shall use the Commuter Catch System. To use this account the chump should accept the basal computer application ability. Process Model Abstracts Model E- R Diagram Use Case Input/Output design

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