For the appointment use the antecedent arrangement you acclimated to complete appointment #3 with.  Use the altered red tabs (App, Entree, Deserts) in the Excel spreadsheet to bulk out anniversary of your recipes. Cost out anniversary of the recipes on your card application your accepted recipes and the costs from your additive alliance list. Key Definitions for the compound costing arrangement (from larboard to appropriate in the template): Ingredient quantity- The bulk of the specific additive acclimated in the recipe. Unit of measure- the specific assemblage of admeasurement of the additive quantity being acclimated in the compound (ie-grams, kg, Ml, L, PC) Ingredients required- The name of the additive actuality acclimated in the recipe. As Purchased- As the purchased bulk per assemblage of anniversary ingredient, this is the bulk from the additive database or alliance list. Purchase Unit- the assemblage of admeasurement for the APC for anniversary additive in the recipe. Yield %- The crop allotment for anniversary additive in your recipe, amuse accomplish an accomplished assumption as to what this allotment is for anniversary ingredient.  EP- Editable allocation was accustomed a specific yield. Recipe units- The bulk of the artefact acclimated in the compound in a specific assemblage of measure. Extended cost- The bulk of the specific bulk of anniversary ingredient, accustomed the yield, in the recipe. Recipe cost- The sum of all of the additive costs. Add 10% waste- add 10% to the compound bulk to annual for diffusion in production. Yield portions- Number of portioned as bent by your accepted recipes. Cost per portion- The bulk for one alone allocation of your recipe. https://youtu.be/wLn6FnS145Y https://youtu.be/AmB80WCoOZc

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