Bus 650 Week 3 Assignment

 INTELECOM. (Producer). Management of Alive Basic Case Study: "George's Trains". [Video File]. Retrieved from the Intelecom Video Library. Accessibility Account does not exist. Privacy Policy (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.  It appears that George is active a assisting business. George is acquainted you are in an MBA Managerial Finance chic and comes to you for admonition on his alive basic practices. More accurately George asks you to do the following: Describe his alive basic practices, including his methods of basic allotment assay techniques. Analyze the abeyant pitfalls in his basic allotment practices that George should be acquainted of. Develop a simple account of banknote flows for George’s Trains application any admonition gleaned from the video. What areas of advance do you recommend? Provide at atomic three references from the Ashford University Library or alternative bookish sources to abutment your recommendations. In a three- to five-page cardboard (excluding the appellation and advertence pages), acknowledge to George’s appeal for admonition in detail. The cardboard should be appropriately formatted in alignment with APA 6th copy formatting. Video to explain The Banknote Flow Account for Week Three requires some banking clay and beneath is a video of how to do the modeling. http://www.wallstreetprep.com/blog/financial-modeling-quick-lesson-cash-flow-statement-part-1/

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