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Read the case and acknowledgment these questions, 1-2 pages no more In general, what do you anticipate is added important, action of the aggregation or its structure? Is there a accord amid action and structure? In your opinion, what comes first, action or structure? Do you anticipate an Alphabet is a acceptable archetype of a conglomerate? Compare Alphabet to at atomic three agnate companies. What makes Alphabet altered from alternative conglomerates? What is “core” Google? What fuels Google chase business? Why has its absurd achievement been so sustainable? Why did Google alter by accepting YouTube – an online video ancillary – or Android – a adaptable operating arrangement – back they had no admired ability in these areas? Shouldn’t they accept been afraid about the actuality that Google did not accept any ability in video platforms or adaptable operating systems afore these investments? What can Google accommodate to these assets? Why does Alphabet own broadly altered subsidiaries beneath the aforementioned accumulated structure? What are the allowances of this choice? And the costs? Are there banned for about-face of Alphabet? What is the argumentation abaft Alphabet’s advance in Nest? What is the account abaft the decentralized anatomy called by Alphabet? What are the allowances of this amassed structure? Its drawbacks? Under what altitude is this anatomy an adapted authoritative architecture for a adapted company? Is Alphabet’s accumulated babyminding (and in accurate the attendance of bifold chic shares) adapted for the organization? What are the benefits? And the costs?

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