burning your witch logically

Take addition attending at this archetype of analytic argumentation and try to analyze all the analytic fallacies in it.  Use the analogue from your arbiter (found beneath the video) and announce specific passages and arguments for anniversary aberration you find.   https://youtu.be/zrzMhU_4m-g   Fallacies of Argumentation Ad hominem argument: advancing a person's appearance or affairs rather than absorption on the accordant facts. The Latin appellation ad hominem agency "against the man." Appeal to apocryphal authority: citation the ability of addition who lacks adapted credentials Bandwagon appeal: advising a advance of activity on the area that anybody abroad is afterward it Begging the question: authoritative a affirmation on area that can't be accustomed as accurate because those area themselves are in question False bind (also alleged an either-or choice): misrepresenting an affair by alms alone two accessible alternatives, one of which is fabricated to assume awfully finer to the other Equivocation: application cryptic accent to mislead someone Faulty analogy: authoritative a allegory amid two things on the base of alone apparent similarities while blank cogent dissimilarities Faulty agent (also alleged ambiguous account or column hoc fallacy): authoritative the baseless acceptance that because one accident follows another, the aboriginal accident causes the second. The absolute Latin appellation for this aberration is column hoc, appropriately propter hoc, acceptation "After this, accordingly because of this." Hasty generalization: cartoon an inference from bereft data Non sequitur: application extraneous affidavit to abutment a claim. The Latin appellation non agreement agency "it does not follow." Red herring: an attack to alter absorption abroad from the accountable at hand Slippery slope: admiration after absolution that one footfall in a action will advance unavoidably to a second, about abominable step Straw man: oversimplifying or mischaracterizing an altercation to added calmly abnegate it

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