Building Secure Web Applicatns

Question 1 : Building Secure Web Applicatns Week Eight Assignment You are the web master of a academy website. You allotment a server with alternative academy departments such as accounting and HR. Based on this chapter, actualize at atomic bristles security-related rules for agents associates who are adding web pages actuality added to your site. Include a justification and account for each rule. Rules should chronicle to college, agents and student, and arrangement advice security. Write your acknowledgment application a WORD document. Do your own assignment and use your own words. Submit here. Note your Safe Assign score. Account charge be beneath than 25 for abounding credit. You accept three attempts.    Week Seven Discussion Use the Web to chase for methods to anticipate XSS attacks. Write a abrupt description of added than one method. Use your own words and accumulation references. Read and acknowledge to at atomic two alternative acceptance Discussions. Post your antecedent acknowledgment by the end of day on Thursday and acknowledgment to at atomic two alternative acceptance by the end of day on Sunday. Post amid 200 and 300 words.

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