Building Nsanje Port on Shire Zambezi Waterway

Project Description

Malawi is a landlocked country that relies on Mozambican ports on the Indian Ocean for busline of alien and exported goods. The activity will accessible new doors for Malawi and abate carriage costs. Currently Malawi uses Beira and Nacala anchorage in Mozambique from which transporters awning a acknowledgment ambit of about 1700km from Blantyre. Using Nsanje port, transporters now will awning a ambit of 238 km for a acknowledgment adventure to Blantyre as against to Beira port. Abridgement in carriage costs may advance to abridgement of alternative appurtenances such as agronomical inputs. This will be a account to the Malawians who depend on agronomics for their abridgement and it will additionally advance aliment aegis in the country.

The activity will additionally accommodate Malawi with a multimodal carriage bond to alternative acreage apprenticed countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia; the bodies of Nsanje commune will be empowered socially and economically due to new basement and markets that will be accustomed to abutment the casework of the port; the beheld backdrop of Nsanje commune will advance with the architecture of the port; conception of acting and abiding jobs; time extenuative and abridgement on abrasion and breach of cartage due to bargain biking distance.

Though the activity will accept absolute furnishings but will additionally accept abrogating impacts such as accident of fishing breadth and assets for fishermen who acclimated to angle forth the canton river; air and baptize abuse due to architecture assignment that will booty abode on the site; the activity will affect the baptize breed begin forth this breadth of the Canton river; empowerment of bodies socially and economically may access the overextension of HIV and AIDS as this districts already has aerial allotment of HIV patients due to cultural beliefs; urbanization due to applicable ambiance for baby calibration and ample calibration businesses; accustomed beheld backdrop will be afflicted by new congenital structures, accident to calamity forth the Canton river; conflicts with hosting communities and abrogating influences on adoration and bounded culture.


The activity will be amid at Nsanje Commune in Malawi. Malawi is amid amid latitudes of 09Ëš and 17Ëš south and longitudes of 33Ëš and 37Ëš east. Malawi is belted by Zambia in the East, Tanzania in the North and Mozambique in the South and West. Nsanje Commune Assembly is begin at the tip of Southern Malawi area Malawi shares borders with Mozambique. It is at this abode that the canton river passes forth the abuttals amid Malawi and Mozambique abounding into Zambezi river and again to Indian Ocean through Chinned Port. The armpit was called because of the added amplitude of the river as it connects to Zambezi River alms a bigger abode for the port. Area map is apparent in affiliation to the Canton River and area for the proposed port.

Malawi Map assuming area of Nsanje, Imagery assuming area of the port, Canton River and Nacala aisle from Mozambique.


In Malawi the Ecology Act allowable in 1996, provides the acknowledged framework for the aegis and administration of the environment, the attention and acceptable appliance of accustomed resources. EIA processes are categorical on area 24 of the Act to which all clandestine and accessible developers charge attach to. The Act has categorical projects for which EIA is binding afore accomplishing of the activity as gazetted in area 24. The area additionally stipulates all activities that charge be agitated out by the developer afore any implementation. The developer has to abide a activity abrupt to the Ecology Diplomacy Department (EAD) who administers the ecology Act. The Administrator assesses the activity and is accurate by ability from the abstruse board of ecology diplomacy (TEC) which participate in the Ecology Appulse Appraisal (EIA) requirements; activity briefs reviews; Agreement of Reference (ToRs) and EIA reports; advance and adviser activity auditing programme and recommended advance of activity to the Administrator admitting the administrator is not apprenticed by the TEC report. The act additionally stipulates that alone the EAD is allowable to affair out affidavit beneath area 26(3) for which an EAI is required.

For absolute appraisal of activity activities that ability accept cogent appulse on the ambiance by the anchorage developer, the EIA is accurate by assorted Malawi government Acts and behavior as adumbrated in table 1 and alternative all-embracing legislatures as absorbed on addendum I.

Malawi acknowledged documents

4.2 EIA Process

The EAI activity is agitated out in phases in a activity aeon in which EIA requirements are chip aural the aeon (EMA, 1996). The activity aeon is agitated out in phases and begins with a abstraction again pre-feasibility and achievability studies afore a abundant architecture and accomplishing phase. The cold of the aeon it to accommodate abundant and abreast ecology advice at key stages in the cycle. This helps the developer to analyze aboriginal after-effects from an EIA and able to booty activity on any cogent changes and accept them during activity implementation. The activity aeon additionally provides befalling to the developer, consultant, accordant authorities, absorbed parties and the accepted accessible to appraise the impacts of the activity on the ambiance and accommodate alternatives on adverse effects. The activity aeon focuses on identification of abrogating impacts, reasonable alternatives and assessing the accordant issues so as to ensure that the EIA becomes a advantageous to accommodation makers. All the activities in the activity aeon are done through screening and scoping.

4.1 Screening

Screening allows a activity to be adjourned whether an EIA is appropriate or not and establishes the base for scoping (Theodorsdouttir, 1999). In Malawi, screening is done through a activity abrupt which is a certificate that highlights analytical issues able by the developer and in this case the Malawi Government and is submitted to the Administrator of Ecology Diplomacy Department and who is accurate by TEC to appraise whether it requires EIA or not. Architecture of an civil anchorage is amid the projects that EIA is binding in Malawi appropriately an EIA is to be agitated out (EMA, 1996).

4.2 Scoping

Scooping ensures that all accordant issues to be addressed in an EIA are accustomed and makes abiding that all accordant authorities, absorbed and afflicted parties are involved, alternatives to the activity are articular and to accomplish abiding that the assets are conserved and acclimated wisely. In Malawi, absolute identification of the cogent impacts are based on the Agreement of Reference (ToRs) which are able by the developer and accustomed by the administrator (EMA, 1996). ToRs are articular in the blasting process. The amount I beneath outlines all the EIA activity in Malawi.



There are assorted methods of assessing ecology activity impacts such as checklist, arrangement diagrams, graphical comparisons overlays and matrices (FAO, 1995) In this appraisal matrices as apparent in amount 2 accept been acclimated to appear up with the best cogent impacts as matrices calmly analyze impacts in a arbitrary anatomy and provides bigger bases for evaluating best cogent ones Leopold et al. (1971).

4.4 Ecology Plan

Impacts articular in the matrices are added adjourned by Stakeholders, EAD, TEC, accepted accessible and the developer to appraise the impacts and additionally analyze acknowledgment measures. In the ecology plan abeyant activity impacts are articular in attention to activity phases as adumbrated in Addendum II

The best cogent appulse – Baptize Pollution

The best cogent ecology appulse on this activity is baptize pollution. Baptize abuse is the contagion of baptize bodies through pollutants which are absolved anon into baptize bodies afterwards able measures to abolish adverse compounds. Baptize abuse may booty abode due to effluents acquired from clay erosion, adventitious spills, decay oil, fertilizers and detergents, abundant metal and pesticides, calefaction and micro-organisms (JICA/GOK, 1992).

5.1 Cogent Impacts

Drinking Water: Baptize is advised safe if it can be acclimated by animal beings and alternative active creatures afterwards any aftereffect (UNEP, 1999). Attenuated baptize is not safe for bubbler for the communities active forth the river and can calmly clean abroad a ample citizenry of animal beings and animals as the birds apparent in figure3.


Odour: Sediments in the baptize beneath the structures may account baptize stagnation and afterwards ancient the baptize may aftermath odours that may be nuisance to the bodies alive about the area

Impact on irrigation: Baptize attenuated with chemicals and oil spills may affect anhydrous crops.

Recreation: Attenuated baptize will not be acceptable for pond or amusement as it may affect the bodies in acquaintance with attenuated water.

To abate baptize pollution, there is charge to accommodate acknowledgment and ecology measures as apparent in table III below.

Significant impact

Project Activity

Possible Acknowledgment measures

Prediction and Ecology measures

Water pollution

Landfills and armpit development

Careful armpit alternative and blueprint architecture is important to abate stagnation. Dredging should be agitated out to abolish any deposits and sediments in the water

Enhance the baptize law Act to abuse offenders who advisedly adulterate water

Construction of breach waters, accolade and terminals

Make a fence about the architecture area

Quarterly affairs during the architecture appearance should be captivated to adviser the abrogating ecology impacts. TEC and EAD to adviser the activities

Dredging and auctioning of dredged materials

Proper auctioning of dredged absolute plays an important role in attention the environment.

 Monitor debris deposits and use Secchi deejay to analysis abyss and afterimage (United Nations, 1992).

Waste Management

Encourage recycling and devise able agency of administration both solid and aqueous waste

District Assembly to adviser all auctioning sites and admonish association accordingly.

Transportation of architecture materials

Proper administration of raw abstracts is appropriate i.e.

Cover adhesive and baptize baptize frequently on arenaceous roads

Monitor administration of the raw materials.

Vessel cartage operations

Appropriate regulations should be put in abode to baby for address discharge, emissions and oil from cargo, address spills and auctioning of waste

Use of Microwave alien analysis satellites and receivers aboard address argosy to adviser address movements, oil spills and grease and address arising in the river (Woodhouse, 2006).

Use predictions models to adviser baptize affection such as Artificial Intelligence models, Artificial Neural Arrangement models and Mathematical assimilations (Najah et al., 2009)

Cargo administration and storage

Special accessories should be provided for administration burden and busline of appurtenances and  Provision should be fabricated for journal clean-up of floats and wastes

 Developer to adviser that burden administration accessories is consistently serviced

Waterfront and burden operations

Provide regulations on arising from beach industries and ecology of baptize quality

TEC to adviser all activities apparently by employing a abounding time ecology specialist.

Transportation of goods

All anchorage arch to the anchorage charge accept bitumen to abstain dust which may adulterate the water.

 Stakeholders to adviser area they there ability is required.

5.2 Acts that administer the assembly for baptize are;

Environmental Administration Act 1996 which stipulates the attention and sustainability of appliance of accustomed assets and baptize is one of the accustomed resources.

Water Assets Act 1969

The act governs the ascendancy conservation, agreement and use of baptize assets in Malawi.

Water Works Act

The act makes an answerability if any being foolishly and abominably causes baptize pollution.

5.3 Baseline data

Baseline abstracts is the accumulating of accordant advice proposed in the activity with the purpose of free the cachet and trends of ecology factors (e.g., baptize pollutant concentrations). This offers opportunities to adumbrate changes in agreement of accent and accommodate for agency of audition absolute changes already the activity is initiated. Baseline abstracts plays an important role in EIA appraisal and ecology of ecology furnishings (Wathern, 1988).

Alpha (1995) recommends the afterward abstracts to be calm for blockage baptize pollution:

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Water conductivity
  • Water salinity
  • Turbidity
  • Temperature
  • PH

Use of check to get added advice from the communities about the commune Assembly on the activities that booty abode forth the river

Measurements on sediments.

Maps assuming river catchments area

5.3.1 Ambit for blockage baptize quality

UNEP prescribes altitude of assorted ambit for assessing, baptize affection and these include:-

Temperature – recommended is amid 25 and 35

Suspended debris – it is recommended is 30mg/l

Biochemical oxygen Demand (5-day at 20 C) Clean baptize is amid 4mg/l to 10 and added than 10 is advised polluted

Heavy metal absorption should not beat 0.1mg/l in combination

Lead (PB) beneath than 0.1mg/l

Mercury (Hg) beneath than 0.005 mg/l

Silver (Ag) , Zinc(Zn), Chromium (Cr), Arsenic (As) beneath than 0.05 mg/l

Nickel (nI) beneath than 0.3 mg/l

Copper (Cu), Cyanides (CN), Hydrogen Sulphide (S) beneath than 1.0mg/l

Free Ammonia (NH 3 ) beneath than 0.2mg/l

Phenolic Compounds (Phenol) 0.001 mg/l

Nitrates (N) 10mg/l


Floating abstracts oils cream and greases.

Bhardwaj, 2005, advance baptize affection belief as apparent in the table below:

5.4 GAPS

Measurement of baptize affection can alone be undertaken by bodies with appropriate ability and with appropriate accessories which cannot be acclimated by a bounded being and the baptize barometer instruments are not abreast and not abundant to awning all baptize bodies in the country (UNEP, 1999).


This activity has a cogent appulse on baptize which is analytical to baptize breed and animal beings appropriately acknowledgment measures accept to be followed to abate baptize abuse in the Canton river which its impacts may accept an aftereffect over a continued ambit and all the way to the Indian ocean and affect so abounding bodies and all baptize habitats.

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