Building a webpage

Prompt For this assignment, you're activity to abide architecture on the website we discussed in Anniversary 1. If you recall, during Anniversary 1 we spent some time talking about a website for the Downtown Restaurant. This week, you will actualize the aboriginal two pages, home.html and contact.html.  Now, you accept been asked to add a akin of personalization to your website to advance the user acquaintance for your customers. To do this, administration has asked you to accost the barter by their aboriginal and aftermost name and additionally affectation the accepted acclimate area they live. You will do this by creating a cookie that food the customer’s name and location, and you will use that advice to adapt the acquaintance page. Back they aboriginal login, the users will be greeted by the advice stored in the cookie. Be abiding back you add these elements they breeze able-bodied with your accustomed UI (User Interface). Virtual Session_WK2_PRG250pptx.PPTX Assignment Instructions: Add a cookie to your website that contains the customer’s name and location. Use the sessionStorage acreage to affectation the accepted date on the folio forth with the day of the week. Use the cookie to affectation the customer’s name on the acquaintance page. Use the cookie to affectation the acclimate area the chump lives. Use comments aural the home folio of your website to announce the changes made. Accommodate the name of the cookie you are application and the advice you are storing. Provide at atomic one angel on one of your pages. Provide at atomic one URL on one of your pages. Provide 3-5 meta tags amid the two pages. Submission Requirements: Submit the html files that you adapted and accommodate a MS Word certificate with the cipher acclimated to actualize and retrieve the advice from your cookie. Submit all of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and angel files as a aeroembolism (.zip) file. Resources and References HTML5 web accumulator – What is web accumulator – Tutorial Republic web armpit (n.d.). Retrieved from (Links to an alien site.) HTML5 web accumulator – SP Lessons web armpit (n.d.). Retrieved from (Links to an alien site.) JavaScript assignment 19 applicant ancillary web accumulator - DoingITeasyChannel (n.d.). Retrieved from Window sessionStorage acreage – analogue and acceptance – W3CSchools web armpit (n.d.). Retrieved from

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