Bsu Coin

The apogee activity requires you to analyze different risk administration techniques for the seven domains of IT basement and administer them to the acceptance of an Ethereum-based Blockchain implementation alleged BSU Coin.  BSU Coin uses Smart Contracts to actualize "tokens" that represent campus organizations/clubs, events, internships, employment, awards, activities, and scholarships.  You are tasked with anecdotic the IT basement to abutment a attainable and globally attainable BSU Coin Blockchain.  As an IS professional, you charge to analyze threat/vulnerability pairs and appraisal the likelihood of their occurrence.  You charge adjudge which accident administration (control) techniques are adapted to administer these risks.  You will charge to accurately highlight the risks associated with a Blockchain accessible to the attainable - students, faculty, staff, employers, and key stakeholders. You will be adapted to actualize a presentation to chief administration so they can admeasure assets to adapt for and acknowledge to the articular threats and vulnerabilities appropriately.   Scenario BSU is an MIS assertive in Blockchain and they are attractive to advantage the capabilities for Dr. Breaux's Race to Excellence - Apprentice Success, Academic Excellence, and Long-term Viability.  Check, Check, and Check for Blockchain... but how?  The solution, BSU Coin!   BSU Coin is an allurement Ethereum-based Blockchain solution that encourages acceptance to aggregate BSU Bill and BSU Coin-based tokens to authenticate the breadth, depth, passion, and acquaintance for a apprentice in their domain.   Students will be assigned a "wallet" for their BSU bill and will seek out means to academy coins.  Administration will use the BSU Blockchain explorer to analyze abeyant candidates based on the agreeable of their wallets.  Anyone can admission the BSU Coin Blockchain.  Only users with BSU Bill can actualize BSU Coin-based tokens.  Anyone can host a BSU Coin node.   Tasks You will charge to actualize the architectonics for the BSU Coin network.  You will charge to accept your basement advised by the assistant above-mentioned to submission.  Once you accept articular the IT basement (consider the seven domains of a archetypal IT infrastructure), you will analyze 20 abeyant threats/vulnerabilities as a way to baffle apropos about implementing the arrangement campus-wide.  Accede the likelihood of anniversary threat/risk.  Assume the role of apostle as allotment of the IT advising lath to conduct a absolute accident administration assessment. Develop a Arrangement Diagram ( of BSU Coin highlighting the seven IT domains (20 pts) Using the Arrangement Diagram as a accepted state, highlight abeyant advance vectors (10 vectors)(  (20 pts) Identify 20 abeyant threats/vulnerabilities (20 points) Determine which of the six accident administration techniques is adapted for anniversary accident explained above.  (20 pts) Justify your acumen for anniversary called administration address (40 pts) Prepare a address application the APA architecture to abutment your allegation and angle for chief administration accumulation all of the adapted abstracts for accomplish 1-5.  You will charge to blanket these items in a admiring narrative.  (50 pts) The address should abide of an added 2 pages (12-point Arial font, 1.5 band spacing) to abutment your findings. Prepare a 15-slide presentation to abridge your allegation (30 pts) Include a alley map, high-level summary, Gantt chart, and accordant acknowledging material Techniques for Accident Ascendancy - ISACA - Accident Administration for IT Projects -

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