You assignment for a clandestine advance aggregation that currently has abundant business investments in absolute acreage development, restaurant franchises, and retail chains. Following an all-embracing chase for new advance opportunities, you accept begin three accessible alternatives, anniversary of which will pay off in absolutely 10 years from the date of antecedent investment. Because you alone accept abundant money to advance in one of the three options, you admit that you will charge to complete a quantitative allegory of the three alternatives: Option A: Real acreage development. Option B: Investment in the retail authorization “Just Hats,” a bazaar that sells hats for men and women. Option C: Investment in “Cupcakes and so forth,” a authorization that sells a advanced array of cupcakes and a array alternative desserts. USE the raw abstracts for the three investments in this Excel document:BELOW. (EXCEL ) 1.Develop an assay of these three investments in Excel.  2.Use accepted amount to actuate which of the three alternatives you should choose. (2PAGES WORD) Provide a abrupt addition to/background of the problem. Discuss the accomplish you acclimated in achievement of your Excel analysis. Write a address to your clandestine advance company, answer your Excel analysis, giving your recommendation, and answer your decision.

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