Brave New World: Chapters 11 and 12

Chapter 11. After Johns vomits from the abhorrence of examination hundreds of identical twins in the Factory area the Bockanovsky action is put into practise, he goes on to acquisition that the State's library does not accept Shakespeare. After John and Lenina go to a feely cine together, the night comes to end and John drops Lenina off at her abode after accepting sex with her. This leaves her addled and defective confidence. She deals with the bearings by demography soma, and john releases all of his affection and affect by account Shakespeare. These accomplishments are agnate because both are methods of escape. For John, the raw and amorous affections in Shakespeare advice him to accept himself and his world, and for Lenina, block allows her to allay any cutting and annoying feelings. Chapter 12. 1. Helmholtz has consistently acquainted some array of appetite to analyze his autograph abilities and absolutely acquaintance activity above the Apple State. Affair John has justified for Helmholtz aloof how base association absolutely is. He is captivated by John and feels that his animosity of actuality different are justified. Finally, the adorableness and accuracy he sees in Shakespeare's autograph are justified through affair John- addition who shares a accepted adulation for such able and adverse writing. 2. "Why was that old adolescent [Shakespeare] such a marvellous advertising technician? Because he had so abounding insane, excriciating things to get aflame about. You've got to be aching and upset; contrarily you can't anticipate of the absolutely good, biting X-rayish phrases... No, it won't do. We charge some alternative affectionate of carelessness and violence. But what? What? Area can one acquisition it?... I don't know. " pg. 185 This adduce is said by Helmholtz Watson in a allowance aloud with John and Bernard present. He had aloof accomplished call Shakespeare with john and begins to acclaim how able-bodied Shakespeare can write. What he agency by this adduce is that Shakespeare was able to address such abysmal and alive “x-ray phrases” because it acquired from article so effectively adverse and violent. He believes that the success of fabulous autograph derives from accurate emotion.

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