Bowen Family Systems, Structural, and Strategic Models Theory Application STAT

PAPER AND WORKSHEET HAVE TO BE DONE WITH LESS THAN 5% ON TURN IT IN THANK YOU Read the “Case Abstraction Analysis.”   Select one of the afterward theories that you feel best applies to alleviative the applicant in the case study:  1.Bowen Ancestors Systems  2.Structural  3.Strategic   Write a 750-1,000-word assay of the case abstraction application the access you chose. Include the afterward in your analysis.  1.What concepts of the access achieve it the best adapted for the applicant in the case study?  2.Why did you accept this access over the others?  3.What will be the goals of counseling and what action strategies are acclimated to achieve those goals?  4.Is the access advised for short- or abiding counseling?  5.What will be the counselor's role with this client?  6.What is the client’s role in counseling?  7.For what population(s) is this access best appropriate? How does this access abode the amusing and cultural needs of the client?  8.What added advice ability be accessible to apperceive about this case?  9.What may be a accident in application this approach?   Include at atomic three bookish references in your paper.   Each acknowledgment to the arrangement prompts should be addressed beneath a abstracted branch in your paper. Refer to "APA Headings and Seriation," amid on the  Purdue Owl website for advice in formatting the headings.  Prepare this arrangement according to the guidelines begin in the APA Style Guide      Case Abstraction Analysis   Client Name: Ana  Client age:24  Gender: F  Presenting Problem  Client states, “I afresh absent my job and feel hopeless. I can’t beddy-bye and don’t feel like eating.” Applicant additionally letters she has absent 10 pounds during the aftermost two months. Applicant states that she is a abandoned ancestor and is afraid about acceptable homeless. Applicant states, “I anguish all the time. I can’t get my academician to shut off. My bedmate is in the aggressive and currently confined in an across action area for the abutting eight months. I anguish about him all the time.”  Behavioral Observations  Client accustomed 30 account aboriginal for her appointment. Applicant declared that she had never been in counseling before. Applicant depressed and anxious, as apparent by afraid easily and tearfulness as she abounding out her assimilation paperwork. Ana fabricated little eye acquaintance as she declared what brought her into treatment. Applicant accent was halting. Applicant affect flat. Applicant appeared accommodating to accomplish to eight sessions of analysis accustomed by her allowance company.   General Background  Client is a 24-year-old first-generation immigrant from Guatemala. Ana was furloughed from her job as a accommodation administrator at bounded coffer three months ago. Applicant appear that she was from a affluent ancestors in Guatemala, but does not appetite to ask for help. Applicant speaks chatty Spanish.  Education  Client has completed one year of academy with a above in business. Applicant states that she larboard academy afterwards her son was built-in as she begin it difficult to administer a baby, college, and a full-time job.   Family Background  Client is the average of four siblings. Applicant has two earlier brothers and one adolescent sister. Client’s parents accept been affiliated for 27 years. Applicant states that she has had a “close” accord with her family, although she states that her ancestor is a “heavy drinker.” Applicant states that all her brothers and sisters accept accelerating from academy and accept able careers. Applicant states that her ancestor is a broker and her mother is an educator. Applicant states that she has not apparent her ancestors for 1 year. Applicant has a 1-year-old son and states that she is sometimes “overwhelmed” by adopting him alone.  Major Stressors  • Lack of ancestors and admiring friends  • Financial problems due to job loss  • Bedmate deployed overseas  • Adopting a babyish by herself

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