Bowen/Differentiation Ouline for Essay with Goals and Intervention Samples

Outline for Bowen cardboard on Beginning, Middle, End goals/interventions 1. a joing ancestors as a coach, advantageous triangle attending up alpha stages of analysis absolute affecting acuteness alpha analysis – teacher/coach b. ameliorative alliance/relationship c. how change brought about? Through insight… For Bowen approach – acumen acquired by attractive at patterns in famly/genogram For Behavior analysis – abstraction For cerebral analysis – arduous annihilative action Structural therapy- realigning anatomy Bowen – 1. Insight2. Multi-generation manual 3. Adverse of cocky 2. skip . vignette – conceptualization/hypotheses 4. 3 date analysis plan (beginning, middle, end of therapy) a. all-around goals b. interventions Alpha goals/interventions 1. Make applicant feel safe/build rapport/build accord 2. Ask their goals 3. catechism about their ancestors positions 4. empathy/active alert 5. evidence abatement – ask about symptoms, what brings them to therapy, not demography sides, echo (mirror), no anticipation a. Build alive antecedent – ask allegorical questions, basement position Average ambition for Bowenian Analysis 1. Id subsystems, hierachy, genome relationships . Bowen Goal: Begin arduous dissection beliefs/faulty cognitions (intervention) - genogram 3. Bowen Goal: Reach adverse Action - 4 Bowen Goal: Assist ancestors in attractive at ancestors dynamics: Action – Genogram End 1. Time to end back accept they are able to advance change/and how a. Client/clients accept maintained change for some time in analysis b. Learn to accord with loss, if absorbed to therapist c. Accept a plan i. assets ii. basis cards d. Review advance iii. Bowen archetype of genogram, alpha and end iv. Bowen – archetype of CED, alternative tests

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