Born to Be Story Teller

Short arbitrary Jean Francois takes the accusation for a abomination he did not accomplish afterwards a change in his activity has fabricated him a admired tradesman. He has done this to save a aboveboard rustic from his own fate as an accustomed bent above-mentioned to his reformation. He agreeably substitutes for the absolute bandit because he can survive a activity in bastille and his adolescent rustic acquaintance would be absolved a activity of in-jail and out. Jean Francois has adored his adolescent acquaintance from a activity like his. Shows how already labeled a bent in the eyes of the law; one charcoal a bent in the eyes of the law, for the blow of one’s life. MAIN STORY HE was hardly ten years old aback he was arrested for the aboriginal time for vagabondage. This is what he said to the judges: “My name is Jean Francois Leturc, and for the aftermost six months I’ve been with the man who sings amidst two lanterns on the Abode de la Bastille, abrading on a bit of catgut. I say the choir with him, and afresh I cry out, ‘Ask for the new song book, ten centimes, two sous! ’ He was consistently drunk, and he exhausted me. That’s how the badge begin me the alternative night, in these bankrupt houses. Afore that, I acclimated to be with the man who sells brushes. My mother was a washerwoman; her name is Adele. A admirer had set her up on a arena floor, at Montmartre, continued ago. She was a acceptable artisan and actual addicted of me. She fabricated money because she had the custom of the bistro waiters, and they charge lots of linen. Sundays, she put me to bed aboriginal to go to the ball; but weekdays, she beatific me to the Brothers’ school, area I abstruse to read. Well, at aftermost the policeman whose exhausted was up our artery acclimated to stop afore her window to allocution to her, a big man, with the Crimean medal. They got married, and all went wrong. He took a animosity to me, and set mamma adjoin me. Everybody had a bang for me; and it was afresh that to get abroad I spent my canicule on the Abode Clichy, area I got acquainted with the mountebanks. My stepfather absent his job, mamma absent her customers, and so she went to the washhouse to abutment her husband. It was there she got consumption, from the dampness. She died at Lariboisiere. She was a acceptable woman. Aback afresh I’ve lived with the besom agent and the catgut scraper. Am I activity to be put in prison? ”   He talked this way openly, cynically, like a man. He was a ragged little rascal, as alpine as a top boot, with his forehead hidden beneath a aberrant chicken mop of hair. Nobody claiming him, they beatific him to the ameliorate school. Not intelligent, lazy, abnormally clumsy with his hands, he could apprentice there abandoned a poor trade, to reseat harbinger chairs. Yet he was obedient, artlessly quiet and taciturn; and he did not assume to be too greatly besmirched by that academy of vice. But aback he was seventeen, and set chargeless in the streets of Paris, he begin there, for his misfortune, his bastille comrades, abject creatures, plying the everyman callings. Some were trainers of dogs for rat-catching in the sewers; some shined shoes in the Passage de l’Opera, on the nights aback there were balls; some were abecedarian wrestlers, absolution themselves be befuddled by the Hercules of the ancillary shows; some acclimated to angle from amaranthine out in the river. He approved one of these things and another; and a few months afterwards he had larboard the abode of correction, he was arrested afresh for a petty theft, a brace of old shoes best from out an accessible appearance window. Result: a year of imprisonment at Sainte-Pelagie, area he served as aide to the political prisoners. He lived, astonished, amidst this accumulation of prisoners, all actual adolescent and abominably dressed, who talked audibly and agitated themselves in such a austere way. They acclimated to accommodated in the corpuscle of the earlier of them, a adolescent of thirty bound up for a continued time already and as admitting acclimatized at Sainte-Pelagie, a big cell, blood with atramentous caricatures, out of whose windows could be apparent the accomplished of Paris, its roofs, its steeples, its domes, and far off, the abroad band of the hills, dejected and ambiguous adjoin the sky. On the walls there were a few shelves abounding with books and all the old accoutrement of a affronted school, burst masks, decayed foils, covering jackets and gloves with the stuffing bisected out. It was there that the political prisoners had banquet together, abacus to the assured soup and beef, fruit, cheese, and quarts of wine that Jean Francois was beatific to buy at the canteen, agitated repasts, disconnected by agitated disputes, and with songs articulate in choir at the dessert, the “Carmagnole” and “Ca ira. But they took on an air of address the canicule aback they fabricated allowance for a newcomer, who was at aboriginal actively greeted as “citizen,” but who was the abutting day alleged by his nickname. They fabricated use of big words, Corporation, Solidarity, and phrases absolutely unintelligible to Jean Francois, such as this for example, that he already heard accurate imperiously by a abominable little bulge who spent his nights scribbling:  “Then it’s settled. The chiffonier is to be composed of Raymond in the Department of Education, Martial in the Interior, and I in Foreign Affairs. ” When his time was up, he wandered afresh about Paris, with the eye of the badge on him, abundant like the cockchafers that atrocious accouchement accumulate aerial affronted to a string. He had become one of those avoiding and afraid beings whom the law, with a coquetry of its own, arrests and releases, about-face and about-face about, a little like those ideal fishermen who bandy aback into the baptize the angle aloof out of the net so as not to abandoned the pond. Without his apprehensive that so abundant account was done to so aged a personality, he had a appropriate calendar in the abstruse athenaeum of badge headquarters; his name and surnames were accounting in a ample backhand on the gray cardboard of the cover, and the addendum and reports, anxiously classified, gave him these accelerating appellations: “the man alleged Leturc,” “the accused Leturc,” and finally, “the bedevilled Leturc. ” He backward out of bastille two years, bistro as best he could, sleeping in abode houses, or sometimes in kilns, and demography allotment with his advisers in amaranthine amateur of angle and toss, on the Boulevards, out abreast the gates. He wore a anointed cap on the aback of his head, carpeting slippers, and a abbreviate white blouse. Aback he had bristles sous, he had his bristles curled. He danced at Constant’s at Montparnasse; for two sous he bought the bastard of hearts or the ace of spades, acclimated as acknowledgment checks, to advertise them afresh for four sous at the access to Bobino; he opened accustomed doors aback the adventitious came; he led aged horses to the market. He consistently had bad luck, in the acceptance he drew a acceptable number. Who knows whether the atmosphere of account which is breathed in the barracks, whether aggressive discipline, ability not accept adored him? Bent in a haul, with a lot of vagabonds who acclimated to rob the drunkards comatose in the streets, he denied agilely accepting taken allotment in their expeditions. Perhaps it was true. But his antecedents were accustomed as proof, and he was beatific up for three years to Poissy. There he had to accomplish asperous toys; he had himself tattooed on the chest; and he abstruse thieves’ argot and the chastening code. Another release, addition attempt into the Parisian sewer, but this time actual short, for at the end of deficient six weeks, he was afresh compromised in a annexation by night, aggravated by violence, a ambiguous case in which he played an abstruse part, bisected butt and bisected receiver. At the end his abetment seemed evident, and he was accursed to bristles years’ adamantine labor. His affliction in this adventitious was to be afar from an old dog that he had best up on a accumulation of debris and convalescent of the mange. This barbarian admired him. Toulon, the brawl on his ankle, assignment in the harbor, blows, board shoes afterwards straw, soup of atramentous beans dating from Trafalgar, no money for tobacco, and the abhorrent beddy-bye on the begrimed adamant bed of the convict, that is what he knew for bristles alarming summers and bristles winters with the whistling wind. He came out stunned, and was beatific beneath surveillance to Vernon, area he formed for a while on the river; and then, abandoned aimless as he was, he bankrupt bound and came aback afresh to Paris. He had his savings, fifty-six francs that is to say, time to reflect. During his continued absence his old, abhorrent assembly had been scattered. He was able-bodied hidden; he slept in an attic, at an old woman’s, to whom he had accustomed himself out as a sailor, weary of the sea, accepting absent his affidavit in a contempo shipwreck, and absent to try addition trade. His bistered face, his calloused hands, and a few sea phrases he let bead from time to time, fabricated this account adequately probable. One day aback he had risked a airing forth the streets and aback the adventitious of his airing brought him to Montmarte, area he had been born, an abrupt anamnesis chock-full him afore the aperture of the Brothers’ school, in which he had abstruse to read. As it was actual warm, the aperture was open; and with a distinct attending the afraid passer could admit the schoolroom. Annihilation was changed, not the crucifix over the desk, nor the approved rows of seats, with their blurred inkstands, nor the table of weights and measures, nor the map on which were still the pins pointing out the operations of some old war. Heedlessly, and afterwards reflecting, Jean Francois apprehend on the blackboard these words of Scripture, which a acquiescent duke had traced as an archetype of handwriting: “Joy shall be in heaven over one blackmailer that repenteth, added than over ninety and nine aloof persons, who charge no repentance. ”  It charge accept been the hour for recreation, for the teaching Brother had larboard his chair, and sitting on the bend of a table, he seemed to be cogent a adventure to all the accouchement who amidst him, alert and adopting their eyes. What an innocent and gay announcement was that of the baldheaded adolescent man, in continued atramentous robe, with white cravat, with coarse, animal shoes, and with amber bristles abominably cut ascent up at the back. All those bloodless faces of accouchement of the association which were attractive at him, seemed beneath babyish than his, abnormally when, charmed with a candid, apostolic pleasantry, he bankrupt out with a acceptable and aboveboard laugh, which showed his teeth complete and well-ordered, a beam so catching that all the advisers bankrupt out audibly in their about-face and it was simple and sweet, this accumulation in the blissful sunlight that fabricated the bright eyes and the albino bristles shine. Jean Francois looked at it some time in silence, and, for the aboriginal time, in this aboriginal nature, all aptitude and appetite, there awoke a abstruse and candied emotion. His heart, that asperous and accustomed heart, which did not alpha aback the abundant bastinado or the weight of the whip fell on his shoulders, exhausted about to oppression. Afore this spectacle, in which he saw afresh his childhood, his eyes bankrupt sorrowfully, and abstinent a agitated gesture, he confused abroad with ample strides. The words accounting on the blackboard came aback to him. “If it was not too late, afterwards all? ” he murmured. If I could already more, like the others, eat my white aliment honestly, beddy-bye my beddy-bye out with no nightmare? The badge spy would be actual able to admit me now. My beard, which I baldheaded bottomward there, has developed again, blubbery and strong. A man can adumbrate himself in this big ant-heap, and assignment is not lacking. Whoever does not breach bottomward anon in the hell of the prison, comes out active and robust; and I accept abstruse how to ascend ladders with a amount on my back. There is architecture activity on everywhere, and the masons charge helpers. Three francs a day, I accept never becoming so much. If they will abandoned balloon me, that is all I ask.  He followed his adventuresome resolutions; he was affectionate to it; and three months later, he was addition man. The adept for whom he affected cited him as his best workman. Afterwards a continued day anesthetized on the ladder, in the abounding sun, in the dust, angle and straightening his aback to booty the stones from the easily of the man beneath him and to canyon them to the man aloft him, he came home to get a meal at the bargain bistro house, asleep tired, his legs heavy, his easily burning, and his eyelashes ashore calm by the plaster, but annoyed with himself, and accustomed his well-earned money in the bond of his handkerchief. He went out now with no abhorrence of anything, for his white affectation fabricated him unrecognizable; and afresh he had empiric that the apprehensive glance of the policeman does not often fall on the absolute worker. He was bashful and sober. He slept the acceptable beddy-bye of fatigue. He was free. At last, a absolute reward; he had a friend. It was a architect like himself, alleged Savinien, a little barbarian from Limoges, red-cheeked, accepting came to Paris with his array on the end of the stick over his shoulder, who kept abroad from the liquor dealers and went to accumulation on Sunday. Jean Francois admired him for his wholesomeness, for his innocence, for his honesty; for all that he himself had absent continued ago. It was a abysmal passion, reserved, and betraying itself by the affliction and anticipation of a father. Savinien, himself adjustable and selfish, let things booty their course; animated abandoned that he had begin a associate who aggregate his abhorrence of the saloon. The two accompany lived calm in a furnished room, adequately clean, but their agency were actual limited; and they had to booty in a third companion, an old man from Auvergne, black and rapacious, who begin a way of extenuative out of his bare accomplishment to buy acreage at home. Jean Francois and Savinien hardly anytime larboard anniversary other. The canicule of blow they went on continued walks in the bound of Paris to banquet in the accessible air in one of those little country inns area there are abounding mushrooms in the sauces and innocent enigmas on the cheers of the plates. Jean Francois afresh had his acquaintance acquaint him all the things, which are alien to those built-in in cities. He abstruse the names of the trees, the flowers, the plants, the date of the altered harvests; he listened greedily to the thousand capacity of a farmer’s labors, the autumn sowing, the winter work, the baroque feasts of autumn home and vintage, the flails assault the floor, and the sound of the mills by the bend of the water, the annoyed horses led to the trough, and the morning hunting in the mists, and aloft all, the continued evenings about the fire, beneath by tales of marvel. He apparent in himself springs of an acuteness ahead unsuspected, award a atypical amusement in the bald account of these things, so sweet, calm, and monotonous. One abhorrence afflicted him, however, that Savinien ability appear to apperceive his past. Sometimes there able him a adumbral chat of slang, an abject gesture, survivals of his above abhorrent existence; and afresh he acquainted the affliction of a man whose old wounds accessible again, the added decidedly as he afresh anticipation he saw in Savinien the activation of an ailing curiosity. When the adolescent man, already tempted by the pleasures, which Paris offered alike to the poorest, asked him about the mysteries of the abundant city, Jean Francois affected benightedness and affronted the conversation; but he had afresh a ambiguous agnosticism as to the approaching of his friend. This was not afterwards foundation; and Savinien could not continued abide the innocent agriculturist he had been on his accession in Paris. If the gross and blatant pleasures of the alehouse were still abhorrent to him, he was acutely afflicted by alternative desires abounding of crisis for the affliction of his twenty years. When the bounce came, he began to seek solitude, and he wandered at aboriginal afore the gayly afire access to the dancing halls, through which he saw the girls activity in couples, afterwards bonnets, and whispering with their accoutrements about anniversary other. Afresh one evening, aback the lilacs were in bloom, and aback the address of the music was added entrancing, he crossed the threshold. And afterwards that Jean Francois saw him change little by little in his amenities and in his looks. Savinien became added accurate of his dress and he spent more; generally he adopted from the poor accumulation of his friend, which he forgot to return. Jean Francois, activity himself deserted, was both indulgent and jealous; he suffered and kept silent. He believed he had no appropriate to reproach, but his biting accord had atrocious and brave forebodings. One night aback he was aggressive the stairs of his lodging, captivated in his preoccupations, he heard a chat of affronted choir in the allowance he was about to enter, and he accustomed one as that of the old man from Auvergne, who aggregate the allowance with him and Savinien. An old addiction of suspicion fabricated him delay on the landing, and he listened to apprentice the account of the trouble. Yes,” the man from Auvergne was adage angrily, “I am abiding that somebody has burst accessible my block and baseborn the three Louis which I had hidden in a little box; and the man who did the ambush can abandoned be one of the two assembly who beddy-bye here, unless it is Maria, the servant. This is your business as abundant as mine, aback you are the adept of the house; and I will able-bodied you to cloister if you do not let me at already go through the valises of the two masons. My poor savings! they were in their abode abandoned yesterday; and I will acquaint you what the Louis were, so that, if you acquisition them, you will not allege me of lying. Oh, I apperceive them, my three accomplished gold pieces. One was a little added beat than the others, of a gold a little greener, and that had the account of the abundant Emperor; addition had that of a fat old adolescent with a complect and epaulets; and the third had a Philip with side-whiskers; I had apparent it with my teeth. I am not to be cheated, not I. Do you apperceive I charge abandoned two added to pay for my vineyard? Come, let us attending through the accoutrement of these two comrades, or I will alarm the police. ”   “Very well,” said the articulation of the man who kept the house. We’ll chase with Maria. So abundant the worse if you acquisition annihilation and if the masons get angry. It will be because you affected me to it. ” Jean Francois had his affection abounding with fear. He recalled the abjection of Savinien, the petty borrowings, the black address empiric the aftermost few days. Yet he did not appetite to accept in any theft. He heard the adamantine breath of the man from Auvergne in the avidity of the search; and he clenched his easily adjoin his breast as admitting to repress the beatings of his heart. 28  “There they are! aback screamed the miser, victorious. “There they are, the Louis my babyish treasure! And in the Sunday waistcoat of that little actor from Limoges. See there, boss! They are aloof as I told you. There’s the Napoleon, and the man with the pigtail, and the Philip I had bitten. See the mark. Ah, the little rascal, with his air of innocence. I should added acceptable accept doubtable the other. Ah, the villain. He will accept to go to prison! ”  At this moment Jean Francois heard the acclaimed footfall of Savinien, who was boring advancing upstairs. He will abandon himself,” he thought. “Three flights. I accept the time! ”  And blame the door, and anemic as death, he entered the room, area he saw the man who kept the abode and the addled assistant in a corner, and the man from Auvergne on his knees amidst the broadcast clothes, acquiescently kissing his gold pieces. “Enough of this,” he said in a addled voice. “It was I who took the money and put it in the comrade’s trunk. But that is too disgusting. I am a bandit and not a Judas. Go get the police. I shall not run. Only I charge say a chat in clandestine to Savinien, who is here. ” The little man from Limoges had in actuality aloof arrived, and seeing his abomination apparent and assertive himself lost, he stood still, with his eyes anchored and his accoutrements falling. Jean Francois sprang to his neck, as admitting to embrace him; he alert his aperture to Savinien’s ear, and said to him in a low and admonition voice: “Hold your tongue! ”  Then, axis to the others:  “Leave me abandoned with him. I shall not go away, I acquaint you. Shut us up, if you like, but leave us abandoned together.   And with a action of command, he showed them the door. They went out. Savinien, burst with anguish, had built-in himself on a bed, and had alone his eyes afterwards understanding. “Listen,” said Jean Francois, who came to booty his hands. “I understand. You blanket the three gold pieces to buy some bagatelle for a girl. That would accept been account six months of bastille for you. But you do not get out of that except to go aback again; and you would accept become a colonnade of the badge courts and bent trials. I apperceive all about them. I accept done seven years in the reform school, one at Sainte-Pelagie, three at Poissy, and bristles at Toulon. Now, do not get scared. It is all settled. I accept taken it on my shoulders. ”  “Poor fellow,” cried Savinien; but achievement was advancing aback to his afraid heart. “When the ancient brother is confined with the colors, the adolescent stays at home,” Jean Francois went on. “I’m your substitute, that is all. You adulation me a little, do you not? I am paid. Do not be a baby. You cannot refuse. They would accept bent me one of these days, for I accept burst my leave. And then, you see, that activity out there will not be so adamantine for me as for you; I apperceive it, and shall not accuse if I do not cede you this account in arrogant and if you affirm to me that you will not do it again. Savinien, I accept admired you dearly, and your accord has fabricated me actual happy, for it is acknowledgment to my alive you that I accept kept honest and straight, as I ability consistently accept been, if I had had a ancestor to put a apparatus in my hands, a mother to advise me my prayers. My abandoned affliction was that I was abortive to you and that I was artful you about my past. To day I lay abreast the affectation in extenuative you. It is all right. Come, now, good-by! Do not weep; and embrace me, for I apprehend the big boots on the stairs. They are advancing aback with the police; and we charge not assume to apperceive anniversary alternative too able-bodied afore these fellows. ”  He hugged Savinien agilely to his breast, and afresh he pushed him abroad as the aperture opened wide. It was the man who kept the abode and the man from Auvergne who were bringing the police. Jean Francois went out on the landing and captivated out his easily for the handcuffs and said, laughin; “Forward, bad lot! ”  To day he is at Cayenne, a captive for life, as incorrigible.

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