Booting and Question

Question 1 Question1 You appetite to acquiesce users to admission the CD-RW accessory on your apparatus from any alternative host on the arrangement via NFS. Further, you alone appetite them to accept read-only admission to the device. Which band should you add to the /etc/exports book to acquiesce this? a. /mnt /cdrom *(ro) b. /mnt /cdrom *(r) c. /mnt /cdrom * d. /mnt /cdrom Catechism 2 Which of the afterward files defines how FTP affiliation requests are candy by the TCP Wrapper? a. ftpusers b. inetd. conf c. ftpaccess d. xferlog Catechism 3 Which of the afterward accessories would be the aboriginal SCSI adamantine deejay on a Linux system? . /dev/sd0 b. /dev/sd1 c. /dev/sda d. /dev/sdb Catechism 4 With a umask amount of 112, what are the absence permissions assigned to anew created files? a. ---x--x-wx b. -rw-rw-r-- c. -r-xr-x-r-- d. -rw-rw---- Catechism 5 You are installing Linux on a apparatus that has had a scattering of alternative operating systems on it previously. During the installation, it becomes credible that LILO cannot address to the adept cossack almanac because addition cossack loader is already there. What account should you use to reinstall the MBR and abolish what is already there? a. fsck /mbr b. fdisk /mbr . /etc/disktab /mbr d. /sbin/lilo /mbr Catechism 6 The above ambassador of Mercury Technical is no best active there. You are the new administrator, but do not apperceive the basis password. If you cossack into distinct user mode, you can change the basis password, but what command charge you accord at a LILO alert to be able to do this? a. linux distinct b. linux passwd c. linux 3 d. linux one Catechism 7 You ambition to acquisition all the three-letter files in the accepted agenda that end with the letter y. What command should you use? a. ls *y b. ls *y* c. ls ?? y d. ls ?? y* Catechism 8 Karl has been loaned a apparatus from the lab to use in evaluating a activity he is alive on. He is told that there is a accepted botheration on this apparatus with the ATAPI. Which of the afterward accessories will this botheration be best acceptable to affect? a. Modem b. Complete agenda c. Video affectation d. CD-ROM Catechism 9 Leroy charge actualize a cossack deejay on his Red Hat workstation. Which account can he use to achieve this? a. makedisk b. mkbootdisk c. /sbin/lilo -b d. makeroot Catechism 10 Kristin is the DHCP ambassador for her network. She needs to install the DHCP applicant software on a cardinal of new machines that accept arrived. What amalgamation should she install? a. pump b. Squid c. Apache d. Swatch Catechism 11 Which account is accessible in abounding Linux implementations for use in configuring the complete card? a. sndadmin b. sndmin c. sndconfig d. ambit Catechism 12 Which agreement book is acclimated to analyze area arrangement letters are recorded? a. logrotate. conf b. syslog. conf c. conf. modules d. modules. conf Catechism 13 What chase belief would best be acclimated to acquisition the curve aural the MERCURY book about “clients”? a. grep audience MERCURY b. acquisition audience MERCURY c. sed audience MERCURY d. chase audience MERCURY Catechism 14 Which of the files holds agreement advice on how to administer terminal accessories (respawn them)? a. /etc/initd b. /etc/inetd c. /etc/inittab d. /dev/inetd Catechism 15 Which of the afterward types of modems should be abhorred for use with the Linux operating system? a. Internal PCI/ISA b. External Serial c. Winmodems d. Cable Catechism 16 By default, which of the afterward files would aggregate the Apache certificate root? a. smb. conf b. httpd. conf c. apache. conf d. index. html Catechism 17 Which command can be acclimated to adapt the adjustment of jobs in a spooling chain apprehension printing? . lpc b. lpstat c. lpq d. lpr Catechism 18 Which acreage of the /etc/passwd book holds the passwords for users? a. aboriginal b. additional c. third d. fourth Catechism 19 It is 3:00 and you are backward for a meeting. You charge to alpha the qwerty account afore branch to the affair so it will run for the abutting few hours and abridge account arrangement acceptance results. Currently you are logged in as a approved user, but the qwerty calligraphy requires basis permission to run. How should you assassinate the script? a. su ; qwerty b. su qwerty c. su –c qwerty d. su : qwerty Catechism 20 Which book arrangement can you not use with the arise utility? a. msdos b. coda c. autofs d. bandy Catechism 21 Which of the afterward will set the capricious DAY according to FRIDAY? a. DAY FRIDAY b. DAY=FRIDAY c. DAY:FRIDAY d. $DAY FRIDAY Catechism 22 Which account can be acclimated to account modules, abolish modules, and add modules? a. modprobe b. insmod c. rmmod d. depmod Catechism 23 A action with a PID cardinal of 1777 has entered delinquent mode. You accept approved to abolish it with a accepted annihilate command, but it will not go away. What command can you use to be assured the action will terminate? a. ill –NOW 1777 b. annihilate –HUP 1777 c. annihilate –15 1777 d. annihilate –9 1777 Catechism 24 Which of the afterward runlevels will reboot the system? a. 0 b. 2 c. 4 d. 6 Catechism 25 You ambition to abstract an annal from a tape. The annal was created application tar, and you appetite to archetype all the capacity from the band aback to the system. What one advantage charge you use with tar to achieve this? a. c b. x c. v d. r Answers 1. A. The command needs to arise the CD drive (/mnt /cdrom) and accomplish it accessible to all users (*) in read-only approach (ro). Aback accumulated together, this makes the command: /mnt /cdrom *(ro) . B. The /etc/inetd. conf book defines how FTP affiliation requests are candy by the TCP Wrapper. The /etc/ftpusers book is acclimated to account users who cannot use FTP, admitting /etc/ftpaccess lists rules for users who can admission FTP. The /var/log/xferlog holds advice about book transfers that accept occurred. 3. C. The aboriginal SCSI adamantine deejay would be referenced as /dev/sda, while the additional would be /dev/sdb, and so on. 4. C. The absence permissions for anew created files are 666 (-rw-rw-rw-). The umask amount is subtracted from the default, abrogation a permission of 554 (-r-xr-xr--). 5. B. The fdisk account is acclimated to architecture the disk, and the /mbr advantage is acclimated to apple-pie out and apple-pie the absolute adept cossack record. None of the alternative utilities listed accept a /mbr option, authoritative them all incorrect choices. 6. A. You charge cossack into distinct user approach at the LILO prompt, and the command to do such is linux single. 7. C. The catechism mark (? ) stands for any distinct character. Since you are attractive alone for three letter names, and you apperceive the aftermost letter to be a “y”, you charge specify any two characters (by application two catechism marks), followed by the accepted letter (?? y). 8. D. The ATAPI interface is acclimated for accessories such as IDE and EIDE. The best acceptable accessory aural the choices presented to advance such an interface is the CD-ROM. 9. B. The mkbootdisk account (found in /sbin) is acclimated to actualize the cossack disk. 10. A. The pump amalgamation provides the DHCP/BOOTP applicant bare to access activating addresses from a DHCP server. Squid is a proxy package, admitting Apache is acclimated to accommodate Web services. Swatch is a Perl calligraphy that is acclimated to adviser log files. 11. C. The sndconfig account is acclimated to install and configure complete cards on Linux. 12. B. The /etc/syslog. onf book holds agreement advice for arrangement logging. 13. A. To attending aural a book for analogous text, the grep account is used. The syntax is: grep {what you are attractive for} {where you are attractive for it} 14. C. The /etc/inittab book holds the initialization table and states that terminal accessories should be respawned aback concluded (/etc/getty). 15. C. Winmodems use a allocation of the Windows operating arrangement to accomplish appropriately and are awfully adverse with best Linux implementations. 16. B. The absence certificate basis beneath Apache is the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf file. 17. A. The lpc account can be acclimated to adapt jobs apprehension press as able-bodied as disable/enable a printer or chain and acquisition the cachet of printers. 18. B. The aboriginal acreage of the /etc/passwd book is the username, while the additional holds the password. The third acreage holds the different ID number, and the fourth contains the accumulation ID number. 19. C. The –c advantage with su will alert you for the basis user’s password. Once given, it will afresh run the command accustomed as the basis user. 20. D. The arise account can be acclimated with any accurate filesystem (viewable from the man folio for mount) except swap. 21. B. To set a capricious according to a value, alone blazon it application the syntax: variable=value 22. A. The modprobe command can be acclimated with options to be able to account (-l) or abolish modules (-r). By default, it is acclimated to add modules. 23. D. The –9 arresting is the best lethal, and will abolish the action immediately. All alternative signals are weaker than –9. There is no such arresting as NOW (choice A). 24. D. Changing to a runlevel of 6 will booty the arrangement bottomward and afresh accompany it aback up afresh – finer assuming a balmy cossack of the system. 25. B. The x advantage is acclimated with tar to abstract a file.

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