book review for international political economy

The purpose of this analytical book appearance is to assay the author’s argument. Think of what was your account in allotment that book? What is its appliance in the accepted address of IPE and its corresponding issue-area? What is the author’s argument? What accept alternative authors said (from what you’ve apprehend in alternative classes, and in this class) that either corroborates or negates their abstract perspectives? I do not appetite a bald arbitrary of the book: I appetite a analytical appraisal of the material, and would like to see your adroitness in analytic the assignment of these admired authors. Some books are a few years earlier than others. So, do their arguments still authority up in today’s all-around economy, with the ever-shifting ability activating amidst states? If they don’t, why? You could apriorism your own counter-argument, if you disagree with what the columnist says. Make abiding to accommodate empiric affirmation to abutment your claims. Essays should be 6-8 pages (double-spaced) in length, 12-point, and in a constant commendation appearance of your allotment (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). No plagiarism, as this is area for declining the absolute advance (which I accept done before, after batting an eyelash). You can use whatever added sources you’d like to include, as evidentiary abutment to your argument; aloof adduce properly.

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