Book Critique Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Book Appraisal over Elizabeth Cady  Stanton by: Lois W. Banner  NO PLAGIARISM. Must be MLA Style Should be at atomic 2 pages. I will accelerate abounding instructions through email.       Name Course Appellation and Number Professor’s Name Date  Title (Create your own; do not use book title)  Introduction paragraph: This branch should accommodate the abounding book appellation (Italicized) and the author’s name; in the addition paragraph, the apprentice should accord a abrupt arbitrary on what the book is about in its entirety. The addition should be alone about 3-4 sentences.   Second paragraph: Apprentice discusses advice about the columnist (from their own research) and why the columnist capital to address the book. The apprentice can altercate why it is cogent that the columnist is autograph this specific book. Students may not acquisition absolutely why the columnist has accounting the book, so the apprentice should await on their own acumen as to why the columnist capital to address it.   Third paragraph: The apprentice should address best of their autograph and amplitude to this third paragraph. This branch should allocution about the capacity of the book, the best cogent genitalia (not a summary), and the author’s argument. This is the branch area quotes from the book are best important. If you accept begin a abundant book in the book that explains absolutely what the columnist is arguing, use the adduce from the book and its folio number! This branch shows that you accept absolutely apprehend the book.   Conclusion: The absolute branch is a authoritativeness of your paper. You can echo what is best cogent about the book and why you anticipate others should apprehend it. Also, back this is a book critique, you will charge to appraisal what the columnist does or does not do well. Students should not appraisal the affair of the book, but should be critiquing if the columnist acclimated his/her affirmation well, or if they assertive you of their argument.  

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