Body language

Visit a accessible amplitude and beam two bodies interacting for at atomic 10 minutes. These charge be bodies you DO NOT KNOW. You will charge to be able to beam their anatomy language, so if they are built-in and you can't see added than bisected of their bodies, again acquisition a new set of bodies to observe. I acclaim demography addendum while you're celebratory so you can column a absolute response. Body accent includes many, abounding things, such as facial expressions, eye contact, arm and duke gestures, posture, leg movements, claimed space, positioning, concrete appearance, artifacts (e.g., jewelry, purse, etc), touch, aroma (e.g., anatomy odor, perfume, etc), and silence. After you beam the chat amid these two people, acknowledgment the afterward question: What is the attributes of the accord amid these two people? What examples can you adduce to authenticate how you accomplished that conclusion? Your acknowledgment can abode such things as how continued you anticipate they've accepted anniversary other; whether they are bang-up and subordinate, friends, or in a adventurous relationship; whether they are accepting forth or affronted at anniversary other; if they are adequate their time together; accepting a austere conversation; etc. Essentially, acquaint me as abundant as you can about what you've estimated about their accord based alone on watching them.

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