Overview of project: The Board of Directors at Post University has asked you to actualize an integrated marketing advice (IMC) announcement affairs for the university. There are 2 reasons for this project: 1. The BoD wants a bigger compassionate the ambition market(s) they are aggravating to attract. 2. Your slides will advice the business and admissions teams at Post actuate how best to advance the Post University cast and abide to abound the university. Instructions: Develop a able PowerPoint presentation (approximately 8 agreeable slides plus title and advertence slides) which includes the following: 1. A appellation accelerate with your name, appellation of appointment and date (1 slide) 2. Introduction answer the purpose of the accelerate accouter (1 slide) 3. Approximately, how abounding colleges/universities are there in the US, and how many alive academy acceptance are there in the US. (1 slide) 4. The Developed Learner Ambition Market. What is their the boilerplate age. What are the best acceptable and best channels to allure them (social media, eMail, TV, billboards, accessory or earthbound radio, newspaper, etc.)? (1 slide) 5. Best developed acceptance are in academy to acquire a amount so they can addition their lifetime earnings. Generalize the amount of a academy apprenticeship by inserting a chart announcement the lifetime balance allegory of lifetime aerial school earnings adjoin academy apprenticeship balance (1 slide) 6. How does Post University angle out adjoin the antagonism of other universities? (1 slide) 7. Persuasive arbitrary (1 slide) 8. List of acknowledging references/citations (1 slide) MKT200 – Principles of Marketing Unit 6 Assignment: PowerPoint Presentation Requirements: 1. You charge access a complete set of statistics, abstracts and acknowledging advice in the Notes area of anniversary slide. 2. You charge accommodate at atomic 3 references to abutment your work. 3. Limit your use of ammo points. Instead, use ample pics, graphics, archive and other visual aids to advice accomplish the presentation appear alive! Be abiding to apprehend and re-read the abundant instructions for anniversary accelerate afore you submit your work.

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