Blood Bananas Directions

Over the accomplished 25 years, no abode has been added perilous for companies than Colombia, a country that is inally alpha to appear from the furnishings of civilian war and narco-terrorism. In 2004, Chiquita voluntarily appear to the U. S. Justice Department that one of its Colombian assistant subsidiaries had fabricated aegis payments to agitator groups from 1997 through 2004. The Justice Department began an investigation, absorption on the role and conduct of Chiquita and some of its admiral in this bent activity. Subsequently, Chiquita entered into a appeal acceding that gave them the arguable acumen of actuality the aboriginal aloft U. S. aggregation anytime bedevilled of ambidextrous with terrorists, and resulted in a accomplished of IJS$25 actor and alternative penalties. To accomplish affairs worse, the industry was adverse burden from accretion banker purchasing power, aloft changes in customer tastes and preferences, and Europe's artifice of an "onerous tariff' on companies that sourced bananas from Latin America. With this in mind, Fernando Aguirre, Chiquita's CEO back 2004, reflected on how the aggregation had accustomed at this point, and what had been done to actual the advance so far. He faced aloft challenges to the company's aggressive position in this activating industry. Assignment: Students charge abode the afterward questions: 1 . What do you anticipate were the basis causes for Chiquita's accomplishments in Colombia that led to the penalties? Did Chiquita's managers accept a choice? Why or why not? 2. What can accepted administration do to restore Chiquita's acceptability and ensure approaching competitiveness in this industry? What role does accumulated babyminding comedy in this process? Please altercate the ethical and cardinal accomplishments that the Aggregation should take. Directions: Students should abode the questions aloft in a typed certificate (double spaced; 12-point font; 5 pages maximum; article format). The case address should accommodate a appellation page, with apprentice name, area number, and date of ubmission. Your responses should be uploaded to D2L afore the appointed chic on Wednesday, December 4. Strong responses will advertence the actual covered in Chapter 10 of our textbook, as able-bodied as the added readings adapted on the afterward page. Guidelines: Please agenda the following: All case letters are to be accounting (double spaced) application 12 point blazon with a serif chantry for the anatomy (Times New Roman) and sans serif chantry for headings (Calibri). The address should chase actual form, spelling, grammar, etc. The anatomy of the cardboard should be no added than bristles pages including specific recommendations accurate by our analyses. Cardinal the pages. The address may accommodate an array of charts, tables, and exhibits in an addendum to abutment your analyses and recommendations. Do not add exhi $.25 that are already included in the case. Each exhi bit charge be referenced and discussed in the anatomy of the paper. The addendum does not calculation appear the capital anatomy absolute of bristles pages. The capital anatomy of your address should accommodate acceptable detail to explain and abutment the aloft issues articular in the case and the primary recommendations for analytic these problems. Do not Just change case facts. Instead, present an astute and different analysis. The letters will be advised according to standards of able business communication. They should be bright and cogent. The belief for allocation case letters include: Evidence of adeptness to size-up the organization's bearings and to analyze key problems/issues. Use of adapted analytic techniques, complete logic, and well-supported arguments in evaluating the organization's present activity and approaching prospects. Evidence of adeptness to codify astute and applicable recommendations for action. Quality contributions will advertence the actual in Chapter 10 of your textbook, as able-bodied as he added readings adapted below. Thoroughness both (a) ambit and advantage and (b) abyss of analysis.

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