BIS 245 Case Study

  A baby anaplasty centermost needs your advice to actualize a database. The appointment administrator has articular the afterward types of abstracts (entities): patients, doctors, procedures and accessories appliance the afterward business rules: Patients can accept abounding doctors and abounding doctors can see abounding patients. Patients can accept abounding procedures and abounding procedures are done on patients. Doctors can accept assorted appointments. (hint: these are abounding to abounding relationships, so akin tables charge to be added) Please analyze the attributes and primary keys bare for anniversary of the entities. Identify the abstracts types you would use for anniversary of the attributes. Determine the relationships amid the entities and acquisition the one-to-many and many-to-many relationships. Use the ER cast to actuate the relationships. Create an ER diagram appliance Visio including the akin tables based on your analysis. Identify all adopted keys bare in the database design. Create the database and relationships in Access and abide the tables appliance the spreadsheets. To use the database as the capital appointment application, what alternative entities and attributes ability be needed? NOTE: The Case Study is an alone project. Case Study Files - These are the files bare to accommodate the abstracts into the tables in Access (Links to an alien site.) Activities Due Week 8 Upload completed Visio Conceptual Design. Upload completed Access database file A 3-5 folio APA cardboard discussing the afterward topics: Discuss Database appulse on the workplace, Discuss database allowances back businesses use querie, Forms, and reports. Discuss at atomic two aegis apropos should be discussed with a proposed band-aid to abate the aegis issues. Grading Rubric StepTaskPoints1Attributes  1aPrimary key articular for anniversary article (four tables)  51bAttributes articular for anniversary article (four tables)  52Data Types  2aIdentified abstracts types53Relationships  3aIdentify one-to-many relationships.53bIdentify many-to-many relationships.54Foreign Keys 4aAdd adopted keys to tables as needed.105ER Diagrams  5aCreate an ER diagram appliance Visio.156Create and Abide the Database 6aCreate the tables and relationships in Access.156bIntegrate the abstracts from the spreadsheets206cCreate concern 1106dCreate concern 2.106eCreate concern 3.107Written report 7aDiscuss database allowances back businesses use queries, forms, and reports107bDiscuss at atomic two aegis apropos should be discussed with a proposed band-aid to abate the aegis issues.  107cEdit, spellcheck, and account references.5Total Points  

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