Biopure Corporation

DATE:March 16, 2013 TO:Carl Rausch President and CEO of Biopure Corporation FROM:Hoang, Ann and Mishra, Ravi RE:Whether and Back to Barrage Oxyglobin Biopure needs to actuate the best advance of activity to barrage two new products, Oxyglobin a claret acting for the veterinary bazaar and Hemopure a claret acting for the beastly market. Oxyglobin has been accustomed for bartering use and is accessible for barrage while Hemopure is accepted to be FDA accustomed aural two years. Biopure needs to adjudge whether and back to barrage Oxyglobin. If absitively to launch, the adeptness to amount Oxyglobin appropriately is analytical to abbreviate the appulse of -to-be barrage for Hemopure. We accept Oxyglobin should be launched anon because of accomplished potentials and benefits. The potentials are: to actualize a cast angel for claret substitutes, to actualize a aggressive advantage by aboriginal launch, to accept the account of “go to market” with production, sales and distribution, and to actualize revenues to barrage Hemopure. The abeyant revenues becoming from Oxyglobin could be acclimated against architecture addition adeptness for accomplishment of Hemopure. The accessible obstacles Biopure adeptness appointment with Oxyglobin are: veterinarians may not acclaim and/or accomplish claret transfusions, the adeptness to aftermath Oxyglobin back Hemopure is launched, and Biopure has little or no acquaintance with ablution of aerial R&D contour products. Oxyglobin can be launched auspiciously because it is FDA accustomed and will be aboriginal in the bazaar as beastly claret substitute. As adumbrated on the survey, veterinarians may not acclaim the use of it because it is an big-ticket product; however, pet owners showed absorption and adopted to be abreast of another treatments for their pets. Therefore, Oxyglobin should be launched with a starting amount of $200 per unit. Biopure should use centralized sales force to administer Oxyglobin to save about 30% of the fees answerable by the third affair distributors. By ablution Oxyglobin, Biopure will actualize revenues to abide with assay and development for Hemopure. Back Hemopure is launched, the business and administration issues encountered during Oxyglobin barrage can be avoided. Based on the SWOT assay apparent (Table 1: SWOT Assay for Oxyglobin), we accept Biopure should alpha affairs Oxyglobin immediately. To abode Ted Jacobs’ altercation apropos the admeasurement of the veterinary bazaar and the amount sensitivity, which may appulse Hemopure’s amount back launched; we accept that because of the concrete characteristics of these two articles (Oxyglobin is targeting veterinary bazaar and Hemopure targeting beastly market), appraisement would not be a above affair for the afterward reasons. Ablution of Oxyglobin will actualize a aggressive advantage because Oxyglobin is unique, aboriginal of its kind, aboriginal to market, and with no competition. Oxyglobin will accomplish bulge as a advance assay artefact of the century. It would booty the competitors amid 2 to 5 years for a new artefact to get accustomed and accessible for market. Oxyglobin will admeasurement Biopure’s reputation, believability and accept a greater appulse on an IPO back the aggregation decides to go public. Oxyglobin will accomplish revenues to addition Biopure development efforts advanced of its competitors in accepting FDA approval for ablution of Hemopure. Biopure will accept a bigger adeptness and compassionate of bazaar strategies based on acquaint abstruse from ablution of Oxyglobin. In two years, Biopure would additionally accept accustomed a able-bodied administration arrangement in time for ablution of Hemopure. Ablution of Oxyglobin will additionally abbreviate Biopure all-embracing abeyant risks; if Oxyglobin fails, again the acquaint abstruse would advice to adapt cardinal decisions for ablution of Hemopure (see Table 2: SWOT Assay for Hemopure). Based on our analysis, we acclaim that ablution of Oxyglobin at this point instead of cat-and-mouse for two years or added to barrage Oxyglobin with Hemopure represents the best band-aid to the primary affair adverse Biopure at this time. If launched together, Biopure may be able to advertise at a aerial price, and accomplish added accumulation with per assemblage amount for both products. The all-embracing accumulation would be basal because there would not be as abounding units of anniversary artefact to advertise back Biopure has to allotment the aforementioned adeptness to accomplish Oxyglobin and Hemopure. Biopure would additionally lose out on the abeyant revenues it will accomplish to access assembly accommodation for Hemopure. There would be aught accumulation for two years which will not augur able-bodied with the stockholders. Exhibits STRENGTHS |WEAKNESS | | | | |FDA approval for bartering use as claret substitutes for the |Undesirable ancillary aftereffect such as birthmark of urine and | |veterinary bazaar |gastrointestinal problems | |Competitive advantage, aboriginal aggregation to accept approval for claret |Single accomplishment adeptness for Oxyglobin and Hemopure. |substitute of any blazon |Small veterinary bazaar for Oxyglobin | |No antagonism for Oxyglobin |Price acuteness aural the veterinary bazaar | |Possible cast angel for “blood substitute” |No accustomed arrangement of distributors | |Sufficient antecedent actual e. . claret of beasts to abutment the abounding |Annual accommodation of 300,000 units | |production accommodation | | |Raw abstracts amount is $1. 0 per assemblage | | |OPPORTUNITIES |THREATS | | | | |Establish cast image/position for “blood substitute” articles |Lower the bazaar amount for Oxyglobin may aftereffect disability to compensate | |Success of Oxyglobin will accompany befalling for Hemopure |development costs | | |Negative appulse on the adeptness to appropriately amount Hemopure | | |Competitors to access the veterinary bazaar with their own artefact | |Table 1: SWOT Assay for Oxyglobin | |STRENGTHS |WEAKNESS | | | |Stored at allowance temperature |Single accomplishment adeptness for Oxyglobin and Hemopure. | |Disease chargeless |Annual accommodation of 150,000 units | |Longer shelf activity for up to 2 years |Universal claret acting | |Immediately 100% able at alteration oxygen |Short half-life | |Purity, ability and accessibility |Potential of college toxicity | |Raw abstracts amount is $1. 0 per assemblage | | |OPPORTUNITIES |THREATS | | | | |Experience in business of Oxyglobin |FDA rejects Hemopure | |Advantage for cast angel for “blood substitutes” from Oxyglobin |Competition from Baxter’s HemAssist and Northfield’s PolyHeme | |Increase in appeal for claret acting is accepted to access with | | |the crumbling citizenry | | |Table 2: SWOT Assay for Hemopure |

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