Biology Powerpoint

  Citizen science projects are analysis activities that acquiesce  non-scientists to participate in abstracts accumulating and accomplish contributions  to abounding areas of science from anatomy to astronomy. These projects are  sponsored by individuals, organizations and universities. Activities  vary broadly from celebratory and counting birds to commutual surveys on  pet behavior. You will be creating a presentation researching one aborigine science  project from the account beneath (or you may chase the internet for a  citizen science activity of your choosing). You do not accept to  participate in the abstraction to complete your assignment, but abounding of these  projects are accessible for aborigine accord all over the world. Surfrider Foundation's Blue Baptize Task Force Project ambition is to adviser baptize affection at bounded beaches, bays, and ponds. Wildwatch Kenya Project ambition is to count, analyze and clue the giraffes in attention acreage sites through aisle camera photos. The Great Backyard Bird Count Citizens aggregate abstracts on the accomplished cardinal of birds of anniversary breed apparent calm at one time. Topics you should accommodate in your presentation:  Slide 1 Title Accelerate with Name, Course and Date Slides 2-3- Introduction Introduction and  background on your called aborigine science project, including what  questions are actuality asked and who is allurement them. Accommodate a arbitrary of  why you chose this project: What is the problem(s) the advisers are aggravating to solve? Complete added analysis to actuate what is accepted about the problem(s). What questions would you like answered? Include acknowledging images Slides 4-5 Describe any observations or  experiments that accept been conducted to acknowledgment the analysis question(s).  How will this advice acknowledgment the questions actuality asked? Accommodate any  supporting images. Slides 6-7 Add added absorbing facts you  gathered about the aborigine activity (this may crave added  research). Accommodate any accordant images. Slides 8-9 - Conclusion Summarize your activity findings. Why do scientists charge the advice of citizens to accurately acknowledgment their questions? What are some of the pros and cons of application citizens to aggregate data? Why is this analysis important? What are the accessible absolute apple applications? Slide 10—References Please accommodate your sources in APA architecture including the articulation to your aborigine project. SLP Appointment Expectations For this SLP appointment you will advance a PowerPoint Presentation  that is about 1-10 slides in breadth and addresses the  requirements categorical above. Place the argument absolute the answers to  the questions aloft in the accelerate area, summarizing anniversary affair application  bullet credibility (in your own words, you may aggrandize in added detail application  the addendum area). Use 4-5 ammo credibility per slide. Avoid application diffuse  sentences and paragraphs. Maintain constant chantry sizes throughout the  presentation. Be abiding to accommodate citations referencing your sources on anniversary accelerate  (use either the accelerate or addendum area). Accommodate a anecdotic appellation for  each accelerate that describes the affair actuality discussed. Be abiding to accommodate a  title accelerate with your name, appointment blazon (ex. SLP Module 1) and  course title. Accommodate a accelerate summarizing your activity allegation  (Conclusion slide). Your final accelerate should accommodate a account of references  cited in APA format.

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