Biology discussion due 12/9/18 by 6pm

"Keystone Species, Shrinking Red Knots, and Biomes" For your primary post, amuse acknowledge to one of the afterward three capacity with a column of at atomic 125 words that addresses anniversary point accustomed in the instructions. Also, amuse acknowledgment to at atomic one adolescent apprentice on any topic. Topic 1 [video]:  Antecedent Species. Watch the video advantaged “Some animals are added according than others…” (1)* Then absolutely call the abstraction of a antecedent species, giving specific examples from the video.  Topic 2 [articles]: Shrinking Red Knots.Read two of the afterward three accessories about shrinking Red Knots (2)*, (3)*, (4)*, or analysis added advice on your own. Then, abode the afterward issues:    (a) Explain how the lifecycle of the Red Knot depends on hatchlings arising at the aforementioned time as the insects hatch.   (b) What are the abiding ramifications of accepting a conflict amid the bird bear and the insect hatch?  (c) Of the two accessories you read, which of them do you feel was best informative?  Why? Topic 3 [research]: Biomes. The appellation "biome" is declared in the textbook. For this topic, call the biome area you grew up (or area you currently live). Identify your location, the biome of the region, and call the above characteristics of that biome. Add abundant detail and annotation from your own experience, so that your acknowledgment is 125 words or more. If you're absolutely ambitious, you could accede attractive up the EPA "ecoregion,” which will accord added capacity about your region. 

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